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The pace of your real estate or construction firm is, no doubt, very fast. You need a reliable IT Company that understands your business, and can effectively manage your IT so you can focus on growing your business.

Preemo speciazlies in IT Support for Real Estate & Construction.

As the market picked up, so did your business needs. We implemented Yardi and several other IT systems, and needed a company to manage it all. We found Preemo through a subcontractor that had been using them for years, and the experience has been top notch. They really understand what we need, and provide exceptional support to our team. It feels good knowing we have such a reliable company to handle all our IT needs.

Adam Parker

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What are real estate and construction IT services for contractors?

If you’re like a lot of contractors, developers, construction firms and property management companies, you most likely don’t have an IT support department. An entire department devoted to keeping your network up and running is the kind of expense that most companies simply can’t justify. But, you want to minimize downtime, ensure the security of your clients’ and investors’ payment information and keep your business running smoothly—that’s where Preemo comes in as your trusted partner for real estate and construction IT support. We provide the best IT services for contractors, construction companies and real estate professionals.

Why choose Preemo for contractor IT services?

  • Access a team of professionals experienced in legal software and IT strategy for law firms.
  • Get expert management of firms small and large, from two employees to 200.
  • Leverage a professional staff of certified IT support engineers available 24/7/365.
  • Get monthly reporting with backup auditing, security analysis and overall IT health.
  • Save money with cost-effective support options that focus on proactive technology management.

Real Estate and Construction Firms Love Preemo IT Support
Here’s what our clients are saying:

“As the market boomed, our company grew fast—from 5 to 20 employees in less than six months. Preemo provided an affective cloud solution for our construction management software and increased our efficiency significantly by allowing us to work at our sites as if we were in the office. Their support team answers our requests quickly and we’re thrilled to have such a competent company as a partner as we grow.”

Arnold Foreman

“We switched to Preemo after our previous company let us down in a major failure. Preemo corrected the issue, installed a backup system to protect our data and provides day-to-day support for all our employees in the field. They’re lifesavers. They let me focus on finding new projects and managing my team. Thanks, Preemo!”

Jerry Mansfield

“We needed a responsive company to support our agents in six offices and Preemo was highly recommended. They’ve helped our agents with daily IT issues and provided good recommendations when we hire new people. Their team is professional, friendly and takes great care of our team, which is very important to me. I highly recommend them to my friends and colleagues.”

Ashley Yulman

Solve your greatest IT challenges with Preemo’s experience and innovation.

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