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Best Practices for IT Management of Law Firms

When you think of a well-run law firm, managed IT services may not be the first thing to come to mind, but they really should be. Law firms take on a great deal of personal and highly sensitive information for their clients. Furthermore, time is always of the essence when you work in law. Data breaches and downtime present huge liabilities for law firms, but by following a few best practices, you can ensure that your firm is up to par and that you’ve minimized all possible security and IT-related risks.

Work With an IT Company Instead of an In-House IT Department

First, employing full-time IT and tech support help can be a significant drain on your firm’s finances. Assistance isn’t always necessary, and when it is necessary, there’s no guarantee that your IT employees will be available and/or able to handle the problem immediately.

Sometimes attacks and other problems happen in the middle of the night. Sometimes they occur over the weekend, and sometimes they take place when your IT guys are all busy with other issues. Also, when you only have a limited number of tech support people within your firm, you are limited by their expertise and experience. When a problem occurs that they don’t have experience with, your downtime is likely to be extended as they figure out how to handle the situation.

With managed IT services from a company that specializes in support and IT consulting in Miami, you’ll have 24-hour network monitoring and immediate responses to employee alerts. If you have a problem, you can call them at any time of the day or night for support. If the problem cannot be solved remotely, then they’ll send someone out as soon as possible and reduce your downtime significantly.

Get an IT Assessment

You may think that your firm’s network is sealed shut because you have anti-virus software and a firewall, but attackers are constantly inventing new ways to penetrate closed networks. That’s why IT consulting in Miami can be an incredibly useful service for any law firm.

When you schedule a free IT assessment, you’ll get a full report on the health of your network environment, and you may find out about some disturbing flaws and weaknesses in your security measures. You may also find that your network is not as stable as you thought and/or that you do not have the best data backup systems in place.

For a law firm, downtime can mean lack of access to files for court cases, delays for settlements, and much more. In other fields and industries, you might be looking at a loss of revenue due to system and network shutdowns, but in law you’re looking at much more. Not only will you lose revenue through loss of business and productivity during an outage, but you will also run other risks.

A loss or breach of client data can bring down major lawsuits on your firm. Furthermore, you can be sure that clients who hear about an extended outage will not have the same faith in you and your firm after the fact. This can lead to a loss of clients and revenue streams, which, in combination with legal liabilities, can be enough to put your firm out of business entirely.

Cloud-Based Backup Services

Whether you decide to continue hosting on-site servers or not, your firm should invest in redundant systems to ensure the safety of all client and firm information. With cloud-based servers, you’ll never have to be concerned about your on-site servers going down. If one or more of your machines malfunctions and data cannot be retrieved from it, you could be looking at major liabilities…unless you have off-site backup.

With IT support in Miami, you can opt to move all of your backup data to cloud-based servers, or you can simply use cloud backup services to ensure redundancy. With this kind of service, you can rest assured that your client’s information and all of your firm’s data are safe from disaster.

Cloud-based backups also ensure against physical disasters at your site. If there is a fire or some other disaster and your on-site machines are destroyed or rendered inoperable, you will still be able to access all of your data. You may even still be able to function and serve your clients, if you work with Desktop as a Service software and cloud-based servers. This is an extreme example, to be sure, but as attorneys, you should know that it’s best to be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Opt for Managed IT Services

When you get IT assessments, your consultants will likely present a few options for IT support in Miami. While you may choose an on-demand, pay-as-you-go service, keep in mind that managed IT services provide the network monitoring and immediate responses we mentioned earlier.

Furthermore, with this option, you’ll pay a flat rate per month. You will always know exactly how much you’re spending on IT support and services each month, rather than having to budget for worst-case scenarios and unforeseen outages. With managed services, you will also receive regular maintenance and upgrades so that your systems will always be running smoothly and will be up to date on all security protocols, as well.

For law firms, an outage with a downtime of even just a few minutes can be disastrous. If you are shut down for a full day, you may be liable for more than lost revenue when you cannot access client information in a timely manner.

Your clients need you to be up and running, so when outages do happen, you can greatly benefit from fast, expert responses from IT professionals. With managed IT services, you’ll have all this and more, thanks to network monitoring software, cloud-based backup services, and expert assistance 24 hours a day.

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Jonathan Aronson, The Aronson Law Firm
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Luis Hernandez, Fornaris Law Firm
“Preemo helped our firm moved to the cloud about six months ago, and the transition was seamless. Our firm has three offices, and remote access is crucial for our business. We now have access to all our files and software in the cloud, and easily connect from the office, home, or anywhere when traveling. Preemo’s cloud offering is a great solution for growing law firms with multiple offices.”
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