The more businesses rely on technology to help them store their information, stay in contact with customers, and to do accounting along with countless other tasks. It is imperative to ensure that the network being used is always in tip-top condition. Unfortunately, some of us don’t stop to consider the possibility of an issue arising in our network system until it’s too late, and a server issue has to be addressed. This isn’t advisable to do, which is why periodic IT Infrastructure Evaluations and Assessments are required. There are several reasons why such a practice shouldn’t be ignored.

To keep things running smoothly, it is a good idea to make these assessments part of a strategic plan or business schedule to ensure that all transactions, projects, and workflow stay on task. Perhaps have a certain time within the schedule of a company’s functions where the keywords: IT Infrastructure Evaluations and Assessments take place. There are several components to a proper assessment, all of which should be part of the IT infrastructure evaluation, here are those factors that should be addressed.

Server: This is the main brain center of the entire IT system in any business. If the server were to crash, it could stop production in its tracks. The first part of testing the IT infrastructure is to go about looking at all of the necessary components within the server. This would include looking closely at the back end server, the amount of storage taken, and how much is left on the hard drive systems. It also includes ensuring that all programs and applications are compatible with the server, to ensure these are running as required. The analysis of the servers should include a thorough sweep of both the physical and virtual components along with making sure that any cloud storage is properly being maintained along with making sure that the internet speed is at its optimal speed. Another part is to ensure that no unforeseen programs are running in the background that could be slowing down the servers function and that these are properly dealt with. 

Security: In today’s world, the fear of a cyberattack grows bigger with each day. We constantly hear of servers being hacked on the news, and this is a scary thought to think that all our information could get into the wrong hands. That is why the security of all IT programs within a business is extremely important. Ensuring that a company’s security system blocking from hackers and other potential threats are functioning correctly could keep vital customer information out of the hands of those who have no right to it. So, during the IT assessment, all security protocols are tested, including firewalls, patches, antivirus software, and management of passwords. Another vital part of such a sweep is to ensure that all vital personal information of employees and customers is properly protected, which is required under law and that the protocol meets the proper guidelines set forth.

Screening Authorization Apps and wireless network: All must authorize employees and or customers can be connected through the proper network within the company. During the analysis, it is vital to make sure that all the necessary applications from the one used on desktop and mobile devices should be in operating order. Another important feature of doing this sweep is to ensure that no one who isn’t authorized to be on the network has access. Another essential thing is to evaluate the networks to make certain that all equipment such as routers and other essential parts of the network are functioning to their optimal capacity.

Thorough Cleaning: This step takes away any of the junk has accumulated in the system. This includes stuff such as malware, unforeseen running programs, and downloads that weren’t wanted or needed. That would include doing a defragmenting of the entire system hard drive, virus sweep, and removal along with disc cleaning. An important part of the IT infrastructure process before going into the next phase is all about updating.

Determining Network and Tech Needs: Another part of a viable assessment is to determine if the existing network is providing the companies current needs. Does it provide enough bandwidth and cloud storage as the company continues to grow, so could these needs. Another factor is what new technologies will help to keep things on track. This is the time also to figure out if all the security applications are up to date as well.

Back-Up Systems and Disaster Recovery: Screening to ensure that all the backup systems contain all the vital information is another part of the IT assessment. Keeping files and data backup helps to keep things running smoothly in case of an unforeseen problem that could arise despite the proper IT assessments being done periodically. A prime example is a power outage that results in zapping out data, it has happened, so having back up drives along with disaster recovery protocols are essential to any company staying on course. Another factor is to keep these up to date as well, especially when technology within the office is updated.

What is outlined above is just a sample of how in-depth this process actually is. Yes, some companies may take it upon themselves to do this task themselves, but it might be best to find a skilled company whose job is to perform an IT infrastructure evaluations and assessment. These services take into consideration that no two companies are exactly alike, and therefore will have different needs when it comes to technology. 

Despite the type of company, those who perform the assessments will make certain that all necessary elements aren’t ignored in the process. The bottom line is that as long as companies depend heavily on technology to practically run all aspects of their business, it is essential to ensure that these are kept working. So, a proper IT Infrastructure assessment done properly should be an essential part of the operation.