Just as many students have nightmares about failing a pop quiz, business owners have nightmares about a power outage or other disaster wiping out their company’s data. But that’s not the only potential business danger lurking in your IT. A failure at the level of computing infrastructure can be devastating, even ruinous. But even short of catastrophe, a poorly-designed IT infrastructure system could be draining your business of productivity and profitability.

The technology behind almost any modern business across every industry conducts several mission-critical roles, from coordinating security monitors and communications to customer relationship management, from human resources to financial and operational analyses, and of course many other complex, ongoing, and interdependent processes. Resilient and robust IT systems protect against hacker attacks and prevent or reduce downtime during natural disasters.

But unless you’re a leading Managed Services Provider, you likely didn’t go into business to become an IT expert, much less remain on the cutting edge of the latest innovations and technology opportunities that evolve constantly. Therefore, in order to create an optimal IT system and to keep it at that optimal state, it is financially and operationally imperative to enlist a dedicated team of experts to do so on your behalf.

Are you using your servers to their full capacity? Should you add virtualized servers, move to cloud-based servers, or design a hybrid system to meet your unique business needs? Are your employees or their workstations being used to their maximum productivity, or are they sitting idle? How long does it take to back up your data, and how long would it take to recover it in case of disaster? Which employees have access to which data?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions and more, it’s time to schedule a complimentary IT assessment and of your business IT needs, including a full audit of the current state of your system and expert recommendations for future IT planning.