Advancing technologies have driven many industries into the future, including law. Nowadays, law practices rely on computers and software to accomplish their vital tasks, rather than the binders and papers of the past. 

However, changing technologies don’t mean that those in the law industry have any less on their plates. Finances, accounting, clients, documents, calendars, and more must all be managed efficiently in order for a practice to thrive.  In the past, law firms have had to purchase multiple softwares to handle these different elements. 

That’s where ProLaw, developed by Thomson Reuters Elite, comes in. ProLaw is an all-in-one solution that consolidates your firm’s daily tasks and long-term goals in one streamlined software. Read on to discover how ProLaw can benefit every aspect of your practice.   

Financial Management 

ProLaw serves as a one-stop shop for all of your firm’s financial needs, from accounting to time management and more. This industry-leading software helps you streamline, organize, and automate your key financial processes. 

ProLaw provides powerful tools for managing your general ledger, accounts payable, and accounts receivable, all in one convenient place. Additionally, it generates detailed reporting to give you key insight into your firm’s finances. 

The software also takes the headache out of billing and invoicing. ProLaw helps you improve invoice creation and distribution, shorten billing cycles, and accept payment from your clients. Print and customize your invoices for each case to reflect a flat or hourly rate. The ClientPay add-on allows your firm to accept credit card payments easily and integrate them instantly into ProLaw’s accounting system. 

Time Management 

ProLaw’s sophisticated time and expense tracking tools make time management a breeze. ProLaw seamlessly integrates with Outlook, Microsoft Word, PDF readers, allowing you to track billable time on any of those platforms. Convenient pop-ups prompts lawyers to submit time as they work on billable hours, so no valuable time is missed. With ProLaw, your practitioners are also able to enter time on the go from their mobile devices. 

Case Management 

ProLaw helps your attorneys manage their case information in one integrated solution.  The Lawyer Dashboard provides one central location for storing information, one-click actions, calendar view, and reminders. Easily track, cross-reference, and share documents with your colleagues using the streamlined interface. ProLaw also provides access to Westlaw, so your attorneys can conduct their important research. 

Document Management

With ProLaw, generating, filing, and locating your documents is a breeze. Your attorneys can create and store documents, images, notes, and video files by client, matter, event, and more. Advanced searching tools ensure you can find the documents you need, when you need them. You can trust that your documents are secure, accessible, and organized with ProLaw. 

Risk Management 

ProLaw offers powerful tools to help mitigate risk, so that your practice can keep thriving. Easily analyze potential clients through a database to identify any potential conflicts. ProLaw also properly maintains your documents to reduce legal, regulatory, and compliance risks. Prolaw will properly store, maintain, and dispose of your documents so that your vital information is protected at all times. 

Email and Calendaring 

Never miss an appointment again with ProLaw. ProLaw syncs with your existing Outlook account to keep track of everything, from meetings to court dates. The fully integrated Lawyer Dashboard provides helpful reminders and an overview of your calendar, so you can feel in control of your schedule. You also have access to your colleagues schedules, so you can stay on top of tasks together. 

Business Development 

For Managing Partners and Executive Director, ProLaw is an invaluable tool. ProLaw gives you instant access to key metrics so you can see in real-time how well your firm is performing. Fee analysis, profit indicators and more reveal your most profitable clients, attorneys, matters, and practice areas. 

ProLaw also allows you to keep an up-to-date database of clients, prospects, and relationships to make sure you don’t miss out on any potential business. 

How Does It Stack Up? 

While other legal management softwares offer per user/per month payments, pricing for ProLaw starts at a one time only payment of $5200. ProLaw offers on-premise or cloud deployment, whatever works best for your practice. Also, unlike some other legal management softwares, ProLaw is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook and the full Office suite of products. 

Other unique features that set ProLaw apart include the ability to assign tasks to more than one recipient, the capability to drag and drop information from all areas of the software, access to Westlaw, and the ClientPay plugin, which allows your firm to accept credit cards. 

Moving Forward With ProLaw 

If you are looking for a fully-integrated software solution for your legal practice, look no further than ProLaw. ProLaw’s deployment options, unique features, and detailed reporting make it the gold standard of legal management software. Bring your legal practice confidently into the digital age with ProLaw