Healthcare facilities such as clinics and hospitals have a constant flow of all types of people coming in and going out. These spaces are highly trafficked at all times, that makes both entry and exit of every individual quite difficult to track. With all the medical services a hospital can offer, ensuring proper safety and protection to the healthcare professionals, patients, their relatives, and other staff in the organization is an important responsibility. This is having security cameras installed in Miami clinics and hospitals gives a sense of protection to everyone present there.

CCTV and surveillance systems can also help healthcare facilities cut down additional expenses and reduce liability. These devices offer much more than just peace mind, correctly installed and configured security systems play a very important role in any healthcare facility’s integrated security solution.

While there are so many advantages to having security cameras in hospitals and clinics,  one tends to neglect the presence of these gadgets in Miami. We have compiled a few reasons why it’s so important to have security cameras in your healthcare organization.


A kind of security and protection is important to ensure the safety of individuals. Hospitals and clinics, being the public spots and most trafficked space, securing them from criminal activities such as theft and vandalism becomes a crucially important task. The presence of high-quality security camera at each and every corner of the healthcare facility helps you know if anyone is a part of an unwanted or illegal activity. Also, having CCTV security systems installed gives you both audio and video footage of what is happening in the hospital.


Hopefully, every employee in your healthcare facility must be hardworking, but somewhere you are very well aware of the fact that there are few that do not work at full capacity. This is where security cameras come into play. When your employees know that they are being watched and their movements are being captured, they are more likely to put a little more efforts in that they actually do. Hence, CCTV cameras can be the best means to increase employees productivity in your organization.


False and dishonest claims are the common allegations that several healthcare organizations come across.  In many cases, patients and other visitors claim to get seriously injured by hospital and clinic properties. In such situations, video footages act as evidence and are used to debunk such false claims. The best thing is having security cameras installed in the hospitals helps avoid unwanted insurance claims.


Those mentioned above were some of the great benefits of installing CCTV cameras in Miami’s healthcare centers. But, be sure you to keep the privacy of the patients when installing CCTV cameras at hospitals. Reach out to us at Preemo for the right installation of security cameras in your Miami’s hospital.