Selling homes to folks is always an exciting yet risky business. The tide of the economy may turn for the worse at any given time and your sales team could be take a hit in revenue. If you are in the real estate market, you better be prepared to glean in information about all factors that can boost or decline your sales and revenue.

In this post, we at Preemo will lay out 3 telltale, simple tips that will provide you with a fair insight about your real estate market and how you can increase your gains with the right IT support:

1- Do paid promotions help?

Social media has taken the world by storm and nearly all of them support some form of paid advertising campaigns. Google lets you place paid ads on multiple websites for maximum exposure while Facebook alots a “shop” button to your advertising posts on their website.

Rather than resorting to an advertisement blitzkrieg, we recommend judicious usage of these simple yet powerful tools. Create content that have the potential to instigate a buzz. With campaigns on contests and open houses, you can maximise your consumer reach and can further gain social media reputation.

2- How can social  media help your reputation?

Social media is a platform where you get to push content about your services out to the masses. So how are you spinning your story? What is the strategy that you intend to use to share your real estate blog content?

Posting blogs on random websites isn’t just enough. To fully amplify your social media presence and reach out to your followers and coax them to ‘click the link’, these subtle pointers can go a long way in helping you-

  • Attention Grabbing Headlines are the need of the hour
  • Add in fun and interesting blog intros
  • Be wary about fast blog publishes. Take it slow
  • Try posting two or three blogs/posts per week
  • Keep an eye on your blog metrics and adjust your strategy likewise

3- Keep your networks secured for easy communication lines

Like other industries you are bound to have a team that manages your IT needs. Downtimes in your network can resort to delayed payments and contribute to a major loss of productivity for your entire company.

So how would you assess your company’s needs? As a real estate management agency, you will have to keep an eye out for tenants and owners details in real time, as well as information on tax, maintenance budgets and other private details.

At Preemo, we take pride in providing the IT support required to meet our clients needs and ambition.  We firmly believe that a good  IT support team needs to understand the needs of your network’s capacity, potential security vulnerabilities and issues that need to be patched to provide the optimum performance needed to keep your business afloat and add value.

For a free assessment of your real estate business’ networks needs, click here to get in touch with us.