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Switch To Mac

Screen-shot-2012-01-08-at-7.20.31-PM You’ve struggled, you’ve suffered, and yet you’ve persevered. Your PC has put you through the ringer and you’ve come out bloodied and bruised, but you still have one move in you that is going to change everything.

You’re making the switch to a Mac computer. Cue “Eye of the Tiger.

Big steps, big changes lay ahead of you. There’s no need to go it alone—Rocky had Mickey, Ralph Macchio had Mr. Miyagi, and you’ll have Preemo. Some teams are just meant to be.

At Preemo, we can help you take this change from idea to execution. We’ll help you pick the right Mac for you, transfer your data and teach you all the tricks you’ll need to master your new computer.

There’s certainly a reason why Apple has become the behemoth that it is. They offer great products, easy to use software and clean aesthetics. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak wanted to create great computers and they did just that. But getting accustomed to a Mac and its nifty shortcuts can be difficult, which is why we’re here. To help you get off on the right foot at the opening bell.

Our certified Apple technicians will work with you on your time to discuss all the offerings and differences between the iMac, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. We want you to feel comfortable and confident in your decision.

In addition, we’ll make sure you have the software programs that work best for you. If you use Microsoft Office on a daily basis and it is more compatible with your work or school, we’ll help you install this program among others. We will also transfer all your files from your old computer over to your shiny new Mac so that when you get started, everything is ready for you.

And to top it off, our Apple technicians go above and beyond any standard Genius Bar assistance—helping you on your time and without rushing you out the door to get to the next guy.

With an offer this good, why wait? Call us today to talk about how we can help you make the switch of a lifetime because as they say, ‘once you go Mac, you never go back.