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Printer Support

Screen-shot-2012-01-08-at-5.12.40-PM Dealing with troubled printers can make the most prim and proper of folk swear like longshoremen, which is why too many people lose money regularly going to outside copy-and-print services


But you don’t need to keep burning a hole in your wallet just because your printer decides to act like Sid Vicious at a royal tea party.

Printers should be simple and effortless. At Preemo, we strive to not only get your printer functioning properly, but to keep it that way. We set-up wireless printing in your home or office, troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing and get you back on track so that you never forget your credit card in one of those copy-and-print machines again.

If you’re looking to set-up an in-home office, we can help you select the printer that is right for you. We’ll narrow down the field of options based upon your budget, printing demand, ink quality needs and more. We will recommend what we believe would be the best printer for you and then help you set it up in your home.

In addition, our qualified technicians can diagnose and resolve any issues your current printer may be experiencing. From a temperamental connection to a broken spindle and roll feed, we can fix or find you the new parts necessary to get your printer up and running. We also perform fuser maintenance to almost every printer available today including: photo printers, inkjet printers, laser printers, and all-in-one printers. We work with multiple brands including: Brother, Epson, HP, Canon, Lexmark, Samsung and more.

There’s no reason to let your printer make you feel like a punk just because it wants to make a scene. Why clash, in vain[2], with your printer any longer?  We’re here to save you the stress and get you back printing those documents and photos as soon as possible.

After calling Preemo, you’ll never need to worry about your printer again–except of course, for keeping it safe from overuse by your family and friends. Call today to schedule an appointment.

[1] You know, like Kinkos, Office Depot or Staples

[2] Get it?