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In-Home Computer Training Miami

Screen-shot-2012-01-08-at-7.30.54-PM You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again: the digital revolution is upon us. Each and every day computer engineers are creating new, highly evolved software programs and the big corporations waste no time in releasing them to the public. The only downside is that it can be difficult to keep up with all these changes at such a rapid pace.

That’s where we come in. Our expert technology trainers can teach you how to use almost any software program available today. We offer one-on-one courses, where we work at your speed coaching you along the way to mastering the programs you need to better leverage your technology. In addition, we also provide expert advice and recommendations on which software products will best fit your personal technology style and business.

We offer similar hands-on education that you would receive from any accredited university, but without the insane tuition fees, final exam anxiety and impersonal feel from a crowded classroom. Our courses are designed to help you maximize your potential through the simple instruction of software programs that will help you launch your business, pass a course or further your computer skills in general.

Our technology trainers are experienced professionals whose goal is to ensure that the education you receive is engaging, practical and delivered at your own pace. We make the entire learning process simple and painless. Understanding computer programs no longer has to be restricted to the computer engineers, the determined and talented youth of the world, and hackers—it’s something that everyone can learn.

At Preemo, we pride ourselves in excellence. We guarantee that within one In-Home Training Course, you will be able to leverage the software program of your choosing to your best advantage.

We offer courses on a variety of software programs including:

    • Microsoft Office
    • Adobe Acrobat Suite
    • Using OS X or Windows 7
    • Mobile Devices (phones and tablets)
    • And more

We also offer courses on a variety of online programs including:

    • Social Media: Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and more
    • Email Marketing
    • Optimizing Your Business for Search Engines
    • And more

Call us to schedule a training course today and we guarantee you’ll feel like a pro in no time.