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Computer Set-Up Miami

Screen-shot-2012-01-08-at-11.49.48-AM So, you bought a new computer and it’s still sitting in the half-opened box overflowing with snake-like cords that it more resembles a scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark than your home office. Don’t worry; even Indiana Jones had things that he’d rather leave to the professionals. And when it comes to setting up computers, our team of Preemo technicians is the best of the best.

Setting up a new computer can be daunting. There’s a mass of cords, paperwork, foreign language instructions and software installation packages. Not to mention the overkill of bloatware 

[1] that within the first few moments of booting up your brand-new computer for the first time, weighs it down with useless products and software.

Let our Preemo technicians set-up your computer for you. We remove all the bloatware, install the best virus protection (read: not spyware) and make sure you are comfortable using your new computer before we part ways.

We’re familiar with every brand of computer ranging from Apple to PCs, including Sony Vaio, HP, Dell, Acer and more. And cords don’t scare us. In fact, we get pretty thrilled every time we get to set-up a new computer. It’s a lot more engaging that solving the mystery of why they made the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Well, for us at least.

When you schedule an appointment with us, we’ll come directly to your door to help get you started with your new computer. We will even download your preferred browser and get your email program up and running for you–whether you’re on Outlook, Mail or another server.

Go ahead and call us today or schedule an appointment right here on our site, and we’ll be sure to get you using your new computer in no time.

Why go anywhere else when you can go Preemo?

[1] Bloatware (noun): useless garbage. It basically is just what it sounds like: gross, superflous software that the guys over at the factory installed just so that you could spend more money bringing your computer back to them within a few months wondering why it’s not working up to its full potential.