In this era of easy accessibility via the Internet, if there is anything that is always at risk, it is the data. A leak of any sensitive information has the potential to cause significant damage. Every organization should have a backup and disaster recovery plan put in place to prevent their data and all the hard work from turning into dust. Losing crucial information not only results in an insurmountable financial loss but also damages your business’ reputation and poses even more significant threats to your customers and clients.

News channels are brimming with data leak of one of the other eminent organization, still many organizations feel they can continue operating their business without an adequate backup and disaster recovery plan, unknown to the repercussions from a fatal data loss. Backup and disaster recovery plan are necessary for a critical situation like data loss. The information from the backup can be copied and restored with adequate data disaster recovery processes.

If you are one of the organizations who still doesn’t have a reliable backup and disaster recovery plan, keep reading why you must get it immediately implemented by a proficient backup data and disaster recovery solutions providers like Preemo:


Data loss is easy. There can never be 100% assurance that the data is always safe. It is still vulnerable to getting hacked, infected or leaked due to several reasons. Viruses are always on a lookout for sensitive information. One of the most common mistakes which result in critical loss of data is manual error and machine error. The manual error gets easily overlooked, and the impact is only noticed further in the processes, by then it’s too late to correct. Similarly, hardware failure can result in massive data loss. The best solution to such a critical situation is having an adequate backup and disaster recovery solution so that you can data can be retrieved safely in future.


The loss of data results in downtime, meaning no operation, no output and a subsequent wastage of time and loss of money. Data loss results in massive downtime, where employees, without a proper backup and disaster recovery solution have to find a solution to restore the data, even if that means having to start from scratch to build from whatever is left of the data. Preemo will devise and implement a competent backup and disaster recovery plan to make sure that the downtime is minimized and the probability of any risk is mitigated.


Data loss not only affects the business but the clients and customers associated with the business. Businesses house essential and sensitive information of clients. Loss of this data can put your reputation at stake as it would be seen as negligence on your part and has the potential to strain your relationship with those clients/customers. A capable backup and disaster recovery plan will protect your business, your client, providing you with the confidence that data will be quickly recovered, in case something happens.

Now that you are aware of the importance of having a proper backup and disaster recovery solution in an organization keep in mind always to get it from an adept solution provider like Preemo. Our team has a demonstrable experience specializing backup and cloud-based disaster recovery solution for businesses for all possible IT disasters with cost-effective means, providing adequate maintenance for the future.

Every shred of data out there is at risk, but with Preemo backup and cloud-based disaster recovery solution, you can rest assured that your crucial data is safe and sound, at all times and should any loss happen, the data can be easily retrieved.