We live in an information-driven era where data has become one of the most important aspects of any business. Because of the advent of the internet, data is being produced at an enormous scale globally, and this data is being stored, analyzed, and shared by businesses to get better and in-depth insights. A firm looking forward to making sure that they are growing in the most agile way possible will need to ensure that the data is available around the clock. This is the only way to be confident about the operational success of any firm.

Even in the past, data backup has been of great importance for firms, but at that time, only floppy disks, hard disks, and other traditional mediums were used. But now, we have already marched towards the era of cloud based computing, and businesses are now using it for backups. But if you live with the common misconception that your data will be automatically backed up in cloud-based computing, you are entirely wrong.

The need for investing in cloud-to-cloud data backups
Many people think that it is the cloud that is regularly backed up. There is no denying that cloud providers like AWS have a proper disaster recovery plan ready for data on their servers. So, does it mean that it will be only your business that will be affected because of data loss?

Well, this will only happen when an employee ends up deleting a piece of data that they will need again three weeks later, and then AWS going dark because of a natural disaster. Indeed, all these applications are not responsible for even a single piece of data that you will lose. Still, at the same time, these applications are not built to keep your data protected against malicious or accidental actions.

So, all of this means that if you are dealing with data loss because of your mistake, you will be out of luck in most cases. But the tide can be turned to your side even if you have your backup solution like cloud backup solutions.

It doesn’t matter whether you are suffering from massive data loss or minor data loss; it will always have severe complications for your firm. In most cases, the firms that deal with data loss have to move out of the business for at least six months, and this is where your cloud-to-cloud data backup or cloud backup solutions will act as your savior.

Just giving impotence to data backup will not be enough, as with this approach, you might end up using the traditional methods of data backup, which will do nothing to improve your situation. This is why using trending backup solutions like cloud-based disaster recovery will be the best idea.

Protection from data loss-Accidental deletions
In most cases, the data is deleted by the user only to need it later, which is where the real problem begins. You might be working on a project with others. One of the collaborators might end up deleting the shared project, or there are chances that you might end up deleting an altogether scrapped project only to know later that it is starting up again. Any information can be easily overwritten or corrupted by different apps, along with users. This is one of the most common types of data deletion that you might have to deal with.

Over-writing data
If you keep tabs on SaaS applications, you must be aware that such applications hold large amounts of regularly updated data and added up. In such a situation, where the data is being regularly added and updated, over-writing data can become one of the biggest problems. This mainly happens when a large set of information is imported into an application through bulk uploaders. This may also occur during integration with a third-party app that will be later used for data management in the SaaS application.

Malicious actions
Many people out there delete data before quitting the company or when they come to know that they are going to be fired. In many cases, you can blame the hackers because they are also the biggest culprits when it comes down to data loss. These hackers can easily surpass security systems to delete data or corrupt the whole set of data entirely. It doesn’t matter which type of company you are running; untrusted people are altogether inevitable.

Why choose Preemo?
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