Home security and safety have never had such great a importance, with a number of families where both parents are working and advanced technology making the lives incredibility smooth. The well-being and security their child is the first priority for every parent. There are times when kids are left alone in the home. But, when they are left alone in the home it’s vitally important that they know how to remain secure, what to do or whom to call in an event of an emergency.

For potential emergency situations, every parent should identify the possible threats and other dangers within the home, and better prepare their kids to develop a  secure rescue plan in case an emergency occurs. Setting safety and security expectations with your kids should start at a young age. It’s always important for kids to learn more and more.

So, are your kids well-prepared for any potential emergency situation?  To help better prepare your kids in the event of an emergency situation and offer every parent a peace of mind, we at Preemo have highlighted few essential home safety and security tips to teach your kids.


It’s critically important to remind your kid that home security cameras are meant strictly for security and safety purpose and not for fun or play time. Your kids must be well aware of what unwanted events they should watch out for. If you already have home security cameras installed, explaining to them the significant difference is important to their protection and security. If you don’t have a home security camera installed yet, get it installed by Preemo ASAP.


Teaching children to be only left alone, besides you, who can know passwords to the security systems or social media accounts or emails. Sharing with your kids the security passwords not only keep them protected, but also helps them to stay prepared. However,  make your kid understand that sharing it out the passwords to strangers can result in serious consequences.


It’s very important that kids know never to open door to others else their parents unless specified. If someone is at your door, when you are not at home, it’s wise to let your child know who he or she can let inside, in your absence. Also, ask them not to leave any window open, thereby making sure that all doors and windows are properly locked from inside. Well, it may sound like a common tip, a locked window or door is still a smart prevention for something worse to happen.


It’s quite important. Your kid should have a list of family contacts. In case they experience an emergency situation, for instance, malfunctioning security system, they can at least contact you.


So, these were some of the most necessary home security tips to teach your kid before leaving them alone in the home for the first time.