If you are running a business, then the most critical type of virtualization that should matter to you is desktop virtualization. With modern desktop virtualization, your employees’ office desktops will be able to efficiently run an operating system installed on a machine located somewhere else, like on a cloud-based data center.

You should know that all the shortcuts, folders, and files that your employee will be seeing and using on his desktop, located in the office, will be located on the server. All the functions that your employee will see on the screen will be delivered to their system through the internet or the local office network.

Although there are many reasons why healthcare firms, financial organizations, and manufacturers should start flocking to virtualization just like they have to IT managed services, the three main reasons are savings, simplicity, and boosted productivity.

Through this blog post, we will explore these three main reasons behind businesses opting for virtualization, so that you can understand its importance and benefits.


It doesn’t matter whether your office desktops or laptops are hosted on a cloud-based server or an onsite server. In both cases, you will be able to trim down hardware expenses, which will help in staying cost-effective. This huge savings is made possible by virtualization because the machine that will be acting as a medium to connect to the virtual desktop will be fundamental.

These primary specs machines that your employees will use are known as dumb terminals, since they are comprised of nothing more than a monitor, mouse, keyboard, and a network connection. You can imagine how much you will save if you can bring down the cost of the row of desktops from $500 to $150.



One of the main reasons we will be witnessing the influx of virtualization in small and medium-sized businesses is that it minimizes complexity. The dumb terminals that will be used by your employees will be very comfortable to manage and handle for your IT team.

In addition to this, these dumb terminals will prove to be easy for procurement and accounting as well.

When you choose a cloud-based server for your virtual desktop, your in-house IT team will benefit from the fact that dumb terminals are simple and easy to maintain, just like IT managed services. The moment you opt for virtualization, your IT team can offload the hassle of updating and installing software, which will be a significant relief for the IT team.

All the different types of cloud-based servers that you will choose for your company, even the basic Microsoft 365 for email or any other type of managed virtual server, will be managed and maintained by the cloud vendor and your employees, and the IT team will never be bogged down by maintenance and management issues. This type of system will offer you benefits that will cross the boundary of simplicity and offer you advantages like bank-level security and high uptime, just like IT managed services.

Boosted Productivity

Your firm’s in-house IT team will need to conduct a routine checkup of the virtualization setup and go through proper maintenance practices. But thankfully, both the dumb terminals and the onsite servers in the case of desktop virtualization are easy to manage compared to traditional server-client setup.


If you look from your IT team’s point of view, then dumb terminals will mean reduced hardware and complete elimination of both updates and installation. In the world of virtualization, the server will allow you to take advantage of centralization. For example, by installing security patches on just one machine, your IT team will be able to do the same for all the devices, and they can skip the hassle of doing the same thing again and again on 100 different desktops. 

It doesn’t matter which type of business you are running or the size of your business. If your day-to-day operation requires a large group of employees working on computer systems, you should opt for virtualization without any second thoughts. From allowing you to stay cost-effective to increasing your productivity, there are many ways virtualization can help you.

But if you are running a financial organization, manufacturing, or healthcare firm, then in addition to going for desktop virtualization, you should also opt for server virtualization. In the current era, we can say that a managed virtual server is no longer a luxury for most of the businesses; rather it has become a necessity just like managed it services.