Ransomware is a type of malware (like a virus) that blocks access to a computer system or even an entire network unless you pay a sum of money to the malware’s author. Here are Preemo’s top tips for foiling these extortionists before they strike:

  • Install and Update Endpoint Security
    • Having endpoint security that prevents malware infections in the first place is vital.
    • Look for security that protects web browsing, controls outbound traffic, protects system settings, proactively stops phishing attachks, and continuously monitors individual endpoints.
  • Implement and Regularly Audit Backup and Business Continuity Recovery
    • If there is a crypto-ransomware infection, then the only recourse is to recover data and minimize business downtime.
    • Use redundant on-premise and cloud-based backup and continuity solutions, and regularly confirm that these systems are functioning.
    • Business continuity also means minimal downtime so business can quickly return to normal without disrupting client services.
  • Control Plugins and Create Strong Windows Policies
    • Generally speaking, if certain plugins are not used, it’s better not to have them installed. If they are being used, make sure they are up to date (for example, do not disable automatic Java updates).
    • Windows Policies can block certain paths and file extensions from running. Policies can be set up in groups, which is useful if varying levels of access are required.
  • Educate Users
    • As always with security, users are often the weakest link.
    • Malware will continue o thrive and be a viable business as long as staff are unaware and uneducated on the risks of the Internet.
    • Providing the basics will protect users at home and in the office.

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