What is Preemo?

Small business needs as much IT support as large businesses. Preemo is an award-winning Miami IT support company that can deliver the power of having your own IT Department, without the hassle of managing it yourself. Preemo offers managed IT services, with a fixed monthly price and 24/7 monitoring. Preemo is about proactive maintenance because we offer unlimited IT Support. Helpdesk and support assist users via the phone, remote session, or office visits, as we have the option of accessing tech support very quickly. Consulting is another offering, as we maintain detailed documentation with a thorough analysis of your systems available at all times, 24/7.

What kind of services does Preemo offer

We are considered one of the best it support services available in the Miami area. We customize business IT, offering a way to adapt to different budget levels. We are all about on-demand IT support, with hourly pay as you go, and blocks of support time when needed. We are generous with our Cloud IT Services, having hosted exchange email, on cloud servers, with solutions that allow for managed online backup. We have file sharing and security available as are VoIP phone systems. If you want reliable IT services, count on us being there for you.

Maintaining Connectivity

Preemo has Paging and Access control as business needs to be always connected to the wireless network. Some contractors do not understand the important factors that go towards proper network connections, since our expert team of cabling professionals can run low-voltage data cabling, including copper, fiber and wireless systems. Our it support services offers hassle-free office moves. We also plan on staying on budget, because our expert team can do the job right the first time, as a group of certified professionals, because we will handle everything. Less downtime means that we provide quality network connections to make sure that the network stays up.

Choosing Preemo: Why Go For Us ?

Not all IT companies are trustworthy partners that support you as well as providing top-quality service with integrity and professionalism. Preemo should be chosen as the Reliable IT Support Services partner because we are fast but do not expect you to sit around waiting for someone to solve your IT problems.

As a team of professionals, technology experts will earn your trust with knowledgeable, professional service. We also do not believe in technical jargon use. We take our pride in doing a great job, every time because we have a 10 year proven track record with exceptional references that speak for themselves. We believe in being proactive while staying on top of your IT needs.

We promise to be on time and on a budget because your time is valuable. We stick to deadlines and budgets. We are cost effective as we will be accurate with all IT management services that are approved by you so that you will be able to know how much your budget is paying. As your partner, we are in it for the long haul.