If you are running a  technology at the scale, you should know the basics of running it well and how can you optimize the hidden expense involved with it. Nowadays almost every business owner is planning on leveraging the cloud solutions and services than ever for their business growth.  Cloud solutions are not a matter of when or if, however, it’s a matter of how.

For every business owner, it’s vital that they are aware of the hidden high costs related to the Cloud Solutions and what actually measures you can take to reduce those costs. The hidden cost associated with Cloud might be more than what you would actually pay for the first, but it could add up and cost you three times more than it’s actually worth. In order to pay the actual cost for the services you are getting, follow these enlisted tips.


This may sound a little straightforward but it can definitely take some work if a Cloud solution is widespread across the organization.  Many are no individual know the full demand of the services across the entire organization.


It’s important to understand the cost structure of cloud services. While it may seem like every cloud solution has an exclusive pricing model, there are a few general cost model classifications: user licensing, resource by the hour and all-inclusive. Resource and user licensing can also have tiers, for example, a license to a specific functionality vs a full access user license, or a small Virtual Machine vs. A Large Virtual Machine.


Consider asking your Cloud service provider whether or not they can proactively monitor your account in order to notify you about the potential issues before they turn into big problems.  This is particularly vital in case if you have pay-as-you-go license, the charges are based on the storage usage and resources.


Some Cloud Service providers charge by the list of users in the system. By overlooking the list of users or failing to manage the list of users, you could end up paying for the ones who no longer work in your company. Implement the processes that remove the former users when they are terminated or leave and consider scheduling a regular audit. You should be doing this, twice every six months to a complete year, to make sure that the user list is updated.


As you already know that cloud solutions and services are available in many sizes and shapes, many of which are standalone that can contribute to a hike in costs. Hire the service provider that provides you a suite of products that work effectively together. These suites are less expensive than a single standalone product.

Using the right technology resources is very important for the success and growth of your business and so is to know the ways to prevent you from huge monthly bills. So are you thinking to get your business into cloud computing services? Get in touch with us!