The hospitality industry is all about providing quality customer service and putting the needs of their clients first. This industry also knows that their employees play a key role in providing this service, however, as technology grows, the need by even this industry to use it to provide more productivity has been established. The need for hospitality technology solutions has been proven to be essential and such programs such as IOT could help usher in a more effective organization to the hospitality sector.

What is IoT and What does It Provide

IoT is an abbreviation for an Internet of Things, which originated in India. The idea is to connect various devices using the world wide web or another type of software program that will be compatible. IoT’s goal is to make our devices such as a computer smarter. As for how IoT has faired up with the businesses that have implemented this concept so far around 94% have seen an improvement in services that they provide to the public and have yielded a return in their overall investment.

What IoT Provides the Hospitality Industry

When it comes to hospitality technology solutions IoT is an excellent fit. There are several concerns of the hospitality industry that IoT covers in services that would include the following;

Addressing Personal Needs: Imagine if a hotel were customized to fit your own needs. Well with IoT that personalization could become a reality. Hotels would be able to provide guest an opportunity to control things such as entry to their assign room and even the room temperature just from their smartphones, just to name a few of the many things that a person will now be given the option of doing through an IoT platform.

Better Room Maintenance: Through an IoT, system management is able to know if there are any issues with appliances inside of any hotel room. The program makes it possible to keep track of where there are problems and what needs to be fixed or replaced. Keeping for a better-managed hotel that addresses issues before guest discovers them.

Better Security Platform: As stated above instead of a pass card to get into their room guest will now have an app on their smartphone device that will provide them access. That would cut down on unwanted intruders being able to get into the room, making the guest feel more secure. IoT will also take security surveillance to the next level since it will immediately alert the staff to any type of activity that is out of the ordinary.

IoT moving Hotels Forward

So, IoT certainly appears to be leading the way for better hospitality technology solutions. Although some of us still don’t want to embrace the fact that technology is starting to become more commonplace, and will be our future. Mainly because computers can have problems, there is no denying this, an IoT does have bugs to work out. But the bottom line is that technology will continue to move forward and we need to decide if we intend to move forward with it. Keep in mind no one can replace a human being when it comes to providing the personal touch which is definitely needed in the hospitality industry, but technology such as IoT will help them to address issues that may have been a stumbling block in the past.