Why Do You Need Law Firm IT Support?

You need law firms IT support if you plan to get any substantive work done during the day. Companies like Preemo offer a range of IT support services for your office. These companies make it possible for you to get more work done in a day, and you must be certain that you have taken a look at all the options they have. The IT firm should do more than any of your questions. You need a tangible service that is active in your office every day.

1. You Save Money

You save money by hiring Preemo for your law firms IT support. You do not need to hire a full-time team to stay in the office every day. You can ask Preemo for law firms IT support when you need it. You can get someone to solve your software problem, or you could have a piece of hardware replaced. You will get security alerts on your systems, and you can have your staff call the customer support number for help. You are not listing a finger, but you are not paying salary plus benefits to someone to do the job.

2. The Monthly Service Fee

The monthly service fee that you pay to the company keeps them on retainer so that they can help with all your IT needs. The company will answer the phone when you call, and they accept all support tickets sent through your office. You can ask them to come in for hardware support, or they could send a technician to install software. The purpose of the service is to have peace of mind. You know you can get someone in the office when you need.

3. Software Support

The IT support firm should offer software support. They should come to your location to download software on all your machines. They could check your software through a remote connection to your computers, or they should upgrade your software overnight. The IT support company does everything. You have the newest software, but you never saw it installed. You simply sit down to your computer knowing that it is running perfectly.

4. Hardware Support

Hardware support requires that someone come to your office to repair or replace your hardware. You might ask the company to replace devices that you use every day, or they could store the servers for your website. Server support is important because this is where all your information is stored. Your IT support company should have access to the servers, set up a portal where you can access the servers, and send you security alerts any time there is an issue.

5. Conclusion

The IT support company you have chosen for your business is vital. These companies do all the background work that keeps your attorneys online, helps you take payments online, and allows you to access electronic information. Law firms that do not have an IT support firm will lose information to hackers, be slowed by a computer crash, and spend too much time on internal computer repairs. You do not have time to repair computers. You are a partner in a law firm. It makes much more sense for you to hire someone from the outside to take care of all these small problems.