Whether you believe it or not, but the harsh reality is that we are living in a dangerous and unsafe world. A world full of criminal activities and the one with the biggest concern for the well-being and safety of ourselves and our loved ones. Although modern home security measures can protect our properties, few common mistakes can often undermine these high-tech practices.  Threats can come in various forms and it does not come alone, but with various dangers.

Home is a place on the earth that means a lot to almost everyone. It’s a place where you feel tranquility and freedom, where our family members gather together. But, sometimes even this safest place is most likely to be targeted by most intruders. Home invasion is one of the terrifying experience and unfortunately, it could happen to anyone, but it can be more terrifying, in case you are present there when it happens.  So, it’s better to take some security measures to prevent threats and eliminate the risk of dangers that with it.

So, what steps you can take to defend home invasion?  Our security experts at Preemo has shared some of the common and terrific home security mistakes that you should definitely avoid.


This is one of the most common and biggest mistakes made by most homeowners.

Unlocked entrances or doors are always welcoming and easy targets for thieves, burglars, criminals and other dangers. Intruders often use the rear or front doors first to enter your property, so it’s better to make sure that your doors are locked properly.


Hiding a key under the doormat is another common and stupid mistake people still make. Even the newbies’ criminals and thieves know to check for keys under the doormat, after all, it’s such a common and old trick.  So, don’t let the thieves win the jackpot of your home by hiding the keys under the doormat.


Most thieves and intruders decide their next target by keeping a watch on the outer appearance of any property. Thieves and other criminals, target a property by judging each and every detail and with proper planning. So, it’s don’t ever make a mistake by hiding your cameras. In order to avoid any dangers make sure to keep your security system like alarm systems and CCTV cameras clearly visible, right from the street, but out of reach. Also, put up a warning sign mentioning that “you are under CCTV surveillance” to alert the one who is planning to enter your property.


Before leaving your home, keep in mind to check that you have not left a ladder or any other supporting tool that an intruder could use to get into your property. It’s better you keep your tools in a protected tool shed.

To sum it up, make sure to always check out for the above-mentioned warning signs of habits if you have any of them.

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