There is no secret, the home is an ideal dwelling place for everyone. After a long busy day at work, there is nothing better feeling than being at home. However, coming back to the home, only to find that few of your valuables are stolen is surely a disappointing feeling. Home security cameras can be the best addition to the overall security of both your home and workplace. These security systems can dramatically increase the protection of your home and keep your family secure and safe.

With the ongoing advancements in technology and the affordable prices of a security camera, high-quality CCTV and surveillance systems have increasingly become an important household option. People may choose to install CCTV and surveillance systems for several reasons. Also, as crime rates are on the rise, no sane homeowner would wish to be left out of any possible security and protection. The living room is an ideal area for placing CCTV camera system and in most homes are often positioned of the garage that is a common entry point.

If you are planning to install a CCTV system in the living room of your home, here are some important installation  tips that you need to keep in your mind:


It’s important to know where to set up a CCTV surveillance system in your home in order to let it work the best. So, when you are deciding an area in your living room to install the CCTV system, consider positioning it at the most probable entrance points or the location of essential living room appliances such as a fridge or other electronic items.


It’s good to consider the size of the living room when installing a CCTV surveillance camera. Your living room’s size will determine the number if security cameras needed. Always remember that the larger the living room is, the more the number of cameras that will be required to install. The size of the room determines the size, number and lens specification for each camera needed.


Installing the CCTV surveillance system in the living room of your home may be an easy task, but sometimes the installation work has its own set of complications. There are many CCTV cameras available out there that have a simpler user manual for both use and installation. The installation work becomes an easier task for homeowners in such cases. On the other hand, some home security camera, however, may require the experience and knowledge of a technician or a CCTV installation professional.  

No matter, whether you try it yourself or hire an expert, the CCTV installation should be done correctly in order to provide you with high-quality and clear images.

If you are planning to have CCTV cameras systems installed in your home or office, get into a conversation with us today. We at Preemo are known to install the high-quality CCTV and surveillance systems for both your home and business in Miami, Florida.