In December of 2011, Preemo received an email request for a used computer that could be purchased on the cheap. Ian McIntyre of Jerico needed to find a computer for a friend of his who had found herself suddenly without a working computer and without the funds to purchase a new one. His friend was Ronna Rose.

Ronna is a survivor of throat cancer. She also has experienced major circulatory problems forcing her to be in and out of the hospital for surgeries and routine check-ups more often than anyone would like. She lives just north of Orlando and she is an avid user of the computer; it’s her tool to connect to her friends and family via email and Facebook. But then, she found herself disconnected from those dearest to her when her computer suddenly “fried,” as she put it.

Ian was one of the many friends whom Ronna kept in touch with on Facebook. After a few days had gone by and Ian heard nothing from Ronna, he picked up the phone. When Ian found out about Ronna’s lack of computer access, he quickly reached out to Preemo and hoped that we would have something that he could purchase and send to Ronna within days. Little did he know that without even hearing all of Ronna’s story, Preemo was ready to donate a computer, free of charge, and ship it out to her in time for Christmas.

[blockquote align=”left”]”Preemo’s gesture was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. And the computer is excellent!”[/blockquote]

“We have a bunch of older but functioning computers at the shop that we keep around just for this type of thing,” said Ivan, Preemo’s President. We revamped the computer, removed any old files and installed the necessary programs Ronna would need to get the computer up and running to her standards.

What seems like a simple gesture from our side at Preemo, in fact “opened a whole new world for Ronna,” Ian said. She was able to get back online, have the world and her friends at her fingertips, and save herself time and stress while trying to buy a computer with money she just didn’t have to spend.

She gushed about the computer and thanked Preemo again and again.

We have since continued our campaign to donate computers to those in need. If you know anyone who would benefit from a new computer and cannot purchase one themselves, please send a nomination to and mark “computer nomination” in the subject line.