Are your looking for ways to market your real estate business? Well, there are several options available for real estate marketing and to generate leads. However, content marketing is one of the best way for not only real estate but any business. If used correctly, content marketing can help you immensely in the long term. It can help you generate leads and build brand value.

About 90% of online transaction starts online. So, in order to get found online easily, you need content. Content marketing actually produces three times more leads per dollar than paid search. So, let’s get started with how you can generate real estate leads with content marketing:

1. Blogging

To generate informative and qualitative content, blogging is the right way to go. When creating a piece of content, apart from being informative, be engaging too. Also, set a recurring blog schedule to establish credibility and rapport with your new customers. Relevancy is another important factor for your content. Start with identifying the niche area for your real estate brand. Including infographics, photos and videos in your blog will make it all the more effective.

2. Social Media

More than 85% of realtors make use of social media but even less than 10% actually use it to market their listings. Don’t be afraid to advertise new listings on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Identify the media platforms that your target audience frequents and then create a presence there. Make use of social media to answer your potential client’s queries and demonstrate your excellent customer service.

3. Email Campaigns

Being sent to a group of people through emails, email campaign is a traditional way to connect with your  audience. It is a less invasive method than any other marketing mode. You can update your clients with monthly or bimonthly emails to update them on real estate news, new listings and even offers and free giveaways. Also, make use of email marketing software to track your click rates. Just don’t forget to put a call to action in your every email.

4. Market your Content

The key to your success is establishing and sustaining online presence. By keeping your content updated and fresh, you can drive traffic towards your business.  In marketing, some things work while others doesn’t. So, trial and error approach is the way to go! Try different techniques to market your content such as social media and email, and focus on those that works for your business.


By following the above mentioned strategies for your content, realtors create engagement with their audience. Moreover, you will build trust and a rapport with your client that will help in growing a loyal customer network. This will keep your brand in the forefront of the minds of your buyers and sellers whenever they make a real estate decision.
It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a veteran in the business circle, content marketing is surely going to benefit all. So, make sure you use this tool to all its worth. To know more about real estate content marketing, get in touch with our professionals today!