Managed Services Questions

Simply put, using Managed IT Services means hiring a team of experts, external to your organization, to care for all IT-related aspects of your business. A Managed Services Provider (more commonly known as an MSP) oversees your entire IT infrastructure and provides a wide variety of IT-related services: everything from deployment, to monitoring, to technical support, to disaster recovery. Managed IT Services also offers access to help desk professionals, who are on-call to answer any IT-related questions. Valued for its proactive approach and predictable pricing, the Managed Services model is quickly becoming the gold standard for IT Support.

Preemo’s team of experts serve a wide variety of business professionals across many industries. Some of the different types of businesses we support include law firms, accounting firms, private equity firms, construction companies, medical offices, manufacturers and distributors, real estate companies, and other small-medium sized businesses. No matter the industry, we can help you find the best IT solutions for your business. We also specialize in some industry-specific IT needs, such as document management for law firms and HIPAA compliance for medical offices.

Managed Services includes a full spectrum of care for all your business’ IT needs. This includes around-the-clock monitoring of all critical infrastructure, preventative maintenance, management of your servers and network, monitoring of mission-critical backups, wireless networks, procurement of equipment, as well as support for cloud services and detailed reporting. Most importantly, Managed Services includes access to our experienced help desk to answer any IT-related questions with a lightning-fast response time.

It’s easy! First, give us a call at 305-722-7162 or fill out our quote request form. We’ll have a quick conversation to better understand your immediate needs, and then schedule an on-site assessment to clearly understand your IT environment. We’ll then present our proposal presentation with you, including results from our assessment, recommendations for your IT environment, and of course, pricing and terms. If you love what you see, we’ll kick-off an onboarding and welcome you to Preemo.

Predictable pricing is one of the biggest advantages of Managed IT Services.  When you work with a Managed Service Provider (also known as an MSP), you pay a flat monthly rate for all of their services. With an MSP, you will always know exactly what you’re paying for and will never encounter unexpected costs to your monthly budget. Our pricing is unique to every customer, and we make it easy for you to get a free quote.

The Managed Services approach to IT is proactive, rather than reactive. An MSP continuously monitors your IT infrastructure to get ahead of problems before they occur. Proactive IT support means that your IT professionals are always involved in the maintenance of your IT assets and do not simply show up when something goes wrong. The idea is to prevent issues from occurring, so you can continue to operate your business smoothly, and without disturbance.

Managed IT services make your budget predictable with a flat, monthly cost. The proactive approach of Managed IT saves your business from falling victim to costly security breaches and other downtime-causing incidents. Your monthly bill is driven by the number of computers in your company, so you know exactly what to anticipate when hiring a new employee.

About Preemo

A Preemo free IT assessment includes a thorough examination of your entire IT infrastructure. We take a look at all your assets, including your hardware, software, servers, network, and more to identify your IT environment’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement. We will then provide you with a report detailing our findings and recommendations for services.

Preemo responds to service requests over the phone, via email, or in person. We provide unlimited remote or on-site support, whatever your issue may be.

Preemo is proud to maintain an average response time of 26 minutes across all forms of communications including calls, emails, and helpdesk tickets.

Preemo’s help desk is located right here in Miami, FL. All of our professionals are Miami locals, meaning your calls will never be answered by someone thousands of miles away.

Yes! Preemo provides unlimited remote and on-site support for all of our clients. If something goes wrong, we can be on your doorstep in an instant.

When you work with Preemo, we assume all the responsibilities that would ordinarily go to an in-house IT team. This includes everything from procurement to general tech support. Working with Preemo saves you the enormous cost of hiring and maintaining an internal IT department. Eliminating an in-house IT department also frees up you and your staff to focus on larger goals, as opposed to being bogged down by everyday IT hassles.

Our technical staff boasts a large number of certifications including: Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Cisco CCENT, Cisco CCNA, CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Server+, CompTIA Security+, Dell/Equallogic SAN, SonicWall CSP, VMware DCV, VMware TSP, and VMWare VCP.

Our onboarding process for new clients includes a comprehensive network assessment,  security assessment, detailed documentation review, deployment of enterprise endpoint protection and advanced threat protection, review of all network security policies, installation of Preemo management tools,  and a thorough review of backup and business continuity procedures.

Our helpdesk’s hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 7:00am-7:00pm.

Clients receive regular Technology Business Reviews, which consist of performance metrics on support tickets, status of projects, and recommendations for future improvements. Preemo also sends a quarterly update and email communications regarding important security or other IT-related matters that may impact your business.

Technical Questions

Working with an IT Managed Services Provider is a great way to keep your business safe. Preemos’s proactive approach means we can get ahead of threats before they have a chance to impact your business. We use endpoint protection techniques such as firewalls and anti-virus software to ensure that no intruders can gain access to your data. We also configure and maintain quality backups so that all of your information can be restored at a moment’s notice.

We backup your servers off-site in a cloud environment. We continuously monitor and maintain your backup as part of our services. If your servers become compromised, we can clean the environment and completely restore your data from the backup.

Our proactive approach is the key to keeping your business safe from ransomware attacks. We use endpoint protection tools, like firewalls, antivirus software, and DNS filtering to stop ransomware attacks before they occur. If the worst happens and threat actors gain access to your information, we are able to shut down your IT environment and restore everything from a backup. This ensures that as little damage as possible is done to your business and files.

Yes. Preemo’s experienced IT team are experts at cloud migration. We will migrate your data to the cloud safely and securely, while making the process hassle-free for you and your team.

Yes we do. If you are having trouble with your printers, our helpdesk is just a call away.