With the world moving towards new trends and approaches, outsourcing has made its way through one of the most common practices used by businesses from all around the world. Gone are those days when keeping everything in-house was considered an ideal way of running a business. Many different parts of companies are being outsourced to a third party expert, and IT support also belongs to those aspects of firms that are being highly outsourced.

Not all the firms out there are experts at IT solutions and infrastructure. In addition to this, not all the businesses out there have the budget to build a separate IT department and hire full-time IT employees. All such limitations and lack of knowledge regarding IT’s evolving world have led to the rise of outsourced IT support.

But still, there are many businesses out there that hesitate from using any outsourced services for IT support. These are those businesses that are surrounded by various misconceptions regarding outsourcing IT support. This is why, through this blog post, we will try to get rid of the four most common misconceptions around outsourcing IT support.

In-house provides a quicker response

Many businesses think they will get a much quicker response when they have in-house IT support specialists than a remote worker. But if you will go through IT support facts, you will realize that this is just a misconception.

Modern-day technologies allow remote IT support specialists to configure, repair, and provide IT support without stepping into your office. You can even check the remote IT support specialists’ progress in real-time, and thus, they will be as quick as your in-house team can be.

There is no need to outsource if you have a tech team

Another misconception regarding choosing IT support providers is you either need only in-house teams or remote IT employees. This is why most of the firms think they either need to build their own IT team or opt to outsource their IT needs to IT support providers. But the fact is that many of the firms are now moving towards a hybrid model in which both in-house IT teams and remote workers work together.

Suppose you keep both the teams in your company. In that case, the in-house team will be dealing with daily IT issues requiring no specialization of advanced skills. Your remote IT specialists will be taking care of the more complex and complicated IT matters that will require more experience and expertise. This way, you will be able to distribute the IT hassle on both teams, and your productivity will increase.

In-house teams are more reliable

It is not harmful to believe that the in-house team working on your firm’s IT aspect is reliable but thinking that the outsourced IT team is any less dedicated is entirely wrong. The companies providing IT security services have built their name in the industry through their long years of existence in the industry and by delivering world-class services.

Your in-house IT team might only be available during office hours, but the outsourced company providing IT security services will be there on a clock basis. And since IT issues are not confined to your office timings, the 24/7 availability of third-party IT experts will indeed prove to be a more reliable option.

Almost all the IT support providers out there are well experienced in managing and responding to clients, and they will even assign you a dedicated team. While on the other side, in the case of in-house employees, you will only be relying on one or two experts.

High-regulation industries cannot be supported by outsourced IT teams

If you outsource your IT needs to a third party expert, you will not have to deal with any additional risk compared to what you will have to deal with while building an in-house team of IT experts. Most of the reputed IT service providers are very strict about their selection process, which is why every candidate is properly screened and tested.

You can even look for other standards of qualification like the ISO 27001 certification. You should know that this certification will assure you that the third party IT expert with whom you are working as a dedicated system, procedure, and process in place. You can even look for ISO 27000 certification as even this will ensure that the company is always improving its services to match the industry standards.

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