Doing it the usual way

Does writing and saving your paper works on hosts like Google Docs, Zoho writer and other clients seem to be different from the normal practice of processing the same writeups on your MS word, sounds bizarre? Nope! When you take up a piece of writing project, it’s either you’re writing on a sheet of paper, typing it on your computer system and saving up on your hard-disk or external USB drive. Ain’t it? Yes of course but having said this – let’s have a view of cloud services for paperworks to also know how it works.

Doing it using “Cloud Services”

Now using cloud services in writing may seem a bit of puzzle for someone who doesn’t have the idea. Nonetheless the very basic meaning of the word “Cloud” as used in IT is a variation of chain of network server (computer) that provides data services to other computers and where one can store up things. So in the real sense, the whole procedure is almost the same as observed using your computers to write, make notes, files etc and storing them up on your computer’s hard disk or USB drive.

Without further ado, cloud services differs to your regular offline activities in a simple way, and that is; every process performed is transmitted between your computer and your storage system (which is your hard disk or external storage device), while cloud has to do with storage on a remote network server and then retrieving the data when the need arises.
Now when both are compared in terms of accuracy and steadiness, there’s no doubt you’ll come to realize that cloud services profits more compared to the traditional offline storage.
There are so many reasons for this

Cloud is more secured

Data storage has never been as easy as it is with cloud storage than other known methods you’d known. For example, curating and entering data and information onto cloud based platforms like Google docs or Drive in entirety is more advanced. You’ve no reason to be scared of loss, data exposure to harm, data exposure to virus and more so, it’s is automatically saved once entered. So you don’t need to pass any command to save your files on drive.

Cloud is fast

Collating and uploading your data and credentials is quite easy going with cloud, you certainly do not need to undergo any hassles retrieving a stored up file, once you’re sure of the thread or location where you saved them.

One disastrous reason not to stick to traditional computer to external hard disk storage is that you may come to your office one morning and discover your external memory or hard disk has crashed. Maybe due to internal system problems or harmful resources over the internet. A feat. which cannot happen when you’re carefully logged on cloud.

Cost effective

Compare professional cloud hosting for your websites and datas and see the financial difference. Cost of management is totally scraped and not just cut down – moreover, you’re expected to only upload and optimize your files and that’s all, it’s set and running.