In the precious time, people had to carry storage device like pen drive or CDs with them in order to store their favorite music, photos or other digital data. Fortunately, cloud computing is here, now you can easily get almost all your essential data at any place in the entire world. It’s a well-known fact that every good thing comes with a few drawbacks, this is true in case of cloud computing as well.  In case you fail to utilize the cloud storage accurately and wisely, then your data is a security risk.

Finding out a good path to cloud storage security can be a challenging task.  Cloud computing brings utmost convenience to both our personal and personal lives, but it’s also true that with this convenience comes challenges and risks. Our experts at Preemo has enlisted a few proven tips for cloud storage security for your everyday use.


No matter how protected your cloud storage might be, your sensitive data and information could still be at a high risk if the files or device you are using gets infected with viruses and malware. You should run an antivirus and /or anti-spy program to ensure that you are not unintentionally downloading a malware from the cloud or are exposing the data on your device to malware or virus.


There are chances that your cloud might seem to be reliable but it’s always a great idea to backup the data and information somewhere else. The regular backups make sure that your sensitive data and valuable information will not be permanently lost in the event such as data breach or data theft incident.


If you are using cloud storage to store your business or personal related files or data always make sure you create a unique password. This must be a common practice for end users and business owners but it has been noticed that people do not follow this practice. Remember that the password you choose should be unique and strong enough so that no can guess it. You should also not use the same password for other accounts. By not following this practice you are unknowingly creating a security risk for the other accounts as well.


If you are storing files such as birthday photos or anything similar files then there is no reason to worry about data encryption. But in case you store any sensitive data and files like the business project, personal pictures or other important business details then it’s a smart idea to encrypt the data before you upload that on the cloud storage. Data encryption will boost your cloud storage security, and if anyone tries to access it, then your data would be non-accessible to them.

Cloud storage comes to its own benefits in several ways. The above-given tips offer some basic ideas for cloud data security that businesses and end users should follow. For any information and queries related to cloud computing, contact our experts at Preemo!