“The Cloud” is blossoming to take over the networking of multiple sectors and industries. With a promising future in healthcare, the sole obstacle to Cloud technologies’ growth is security initiatives and regulatory policies. A recent study conducted by Markets and Markets states that despite the policy paralysis hurdles, Cloud IT Technology is expected to contribute $5.4 Billion to the Healthcare sector by late 2017!
With hospitals and clinics on a warpath attempting to provide the best medical support and expertise for competitive prices, they are constantly on the lookout for innovation that can save them the efforts while maintaining quality and this is where “The Cloud” steps in.

“Hospitals, private health care institutions and clinics are on a constant lookout for technologies that can help them simplify their daily tasks with efficiency and decrease over-spending.”

Coupled with innovation and skill, cloud infrastructure can greatly finetune the requirements of the healthcare sector, provided they are utilized with responsibility and efficiency to streamline costs and lessen headaches.

Here are five reasons how Cloud IT can revolutionise the Healthcare Industry:

1- Lower costs and better efficiency

With a cloud based infrastructure capable of meeting any hospital’s IT needs and responsibilities, the institution can save money. They do not need to create on-site hardware and employ groups of IT professionals to handle the maintenance as everything is run on off-site infrastructure, managed by the Cloud service provider.

2- Data synchronization

Some circumstances call for synchronisation of secure hospital data among different departments spread over multiple locations. These call for efficient Cloud IT support infrastructure that can facilitate your data transfer needs following responsible security protocols and speedy delivery over real time.

3- Secure and confidential  

Cloud IT services are strictly meant to follow regulations such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other privacy standards. Considering how secure and private the information stored and transferred across the infrastructure is, it’s the responsibility of the cloud IT service provider to behave ethically and strengthen its efficiency and security according to Industrial standards.

4- Ease of access

The Hospital’s Departments and personnel may require access to the data at any given moment. It’s the responsibility to aid with efficient and speedy data transfer within the ambits of secure protocols to maintain the integrity of the data stored on the cloud as entrusted by their client.

5- Speed!

With less resource intensive on-site process, cloud IT services can update and improve their enhancements without impacting the user experience. Off-site servers and process are relatively expensive to maintain and the cloud service provider can improve their services with minimal interruptions. Meanwhile, cloud infrastructure provides ease of access to secure data at impressive speed to help run the client’s on-site infrastructure efficiently.

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