While many homeowners only worry about the nighttime safety and security of their home, most burglaries actually occur during the daytime. This is because the smart burglars are aware of the fact that most homeowners are at school, work or busy in the daytime. Criminals, these days are always looking for smart ways to reach easily to their next target.  It is so important for homeowners to take appropriate precautions during the night, at day and any time they leave to make sure that their home stays secure and safe.

When it comes to protecting your loved ones and your belongings, being careful is very important. There are several helpful ways that can help you protect your home from theft and being burglarized. By following a few common sense security measures, you can improve the security of your residential property and discourage criminals to target your home.

The following safety points shared by Preemo suggest some low cost and easy ways to deter criminals from targeting your home.


If you have been living in the same house for a long time, or recently shifted to a new one, it’s advisable to change the locks on all the doors of the property. It’s, even more, to replace the old doors with a  solid construction and consider the use of heavy duty and good quality deadbolts.


Intruders and thieves often target homes with costly valuables that are very easy to sell. If you gave an expensive big screen TV that is clearly visible from the window, it can attract the unwanted attention of a criminal. So, take a walk around your house and check the items are easily and clearly visible inside and out. If the items are visible to you from outdoor, so can a criminal. Installing window treatments can be a small price to pay to increase the safety of your home.


Getting a home security camera installed in your home can definitely help to deter intruders or criminals before making your home their next target. Most the criminals will scare off seeing the camera installed and move on. In case, they don’t the video footage will provide the police authorities with evidence, thereby helping them to arrest the criminals.


Sticking security stickers around the doors and windows, and placing security signs in your yard or vehicles, will definitely scare off the criminals from breaking into your home. Security signs and stickers are the best ways to let the burglars or criminals know that your property is secured with best home security systems.

Follow these above-mentioned precautions to keep your home safe and protected from burglars or other criminals. If you don’t have security cameras installed in your home, get in touch with us! We at Preemo install best quality security camera systems for homes and business in Miami, Florida.