The security needs are has become a top priority for everyone today as the crime rate is increasing in each and every corner of the world. This is the reason why both business owners and homeowners are installing CCTV and surveillance systems.


A CCTV system also referred to as security cameras, offer a peace of mind to you,  leaving the impression that there is someone who is taking care of your property behind them. These types of equipment are the best option to serve a purpose of monitoring the managing both residential and commercial properties. They can easily catch any mishap or irregularity in the premises quickly.

However, still, there are several myths and wrong assumptions that have come with the installation of CCTV systems. The public out there is widely misinformed about the purposes and features of security cameras. Well, this is really very important to know that these types of equipment are not always the same, people think about them. Installing a CCTV system in your residential and commercial property is a good call due to several reasons.

If you want to install CCTV and surveillance system in your home or workplace, make sure that you leave behind all the myths and misleading information you have about these types of equipment.  Our purpose is to dispel the misleading information that you have about CCTV and surveillance systems and help you make a better decision.

Below listed are a few top myths about installing CCTV and surveillance system:


Well, this one can be taken as both correct and false. The point is that complicated equipment like CCTV, DVRs, and wires have to be installed by an experienced technician person. However, any individual who knows a little about wiring and has worked with computer systems can attempt to install it. It’s best to hire the professional services in order to perform the installation job to perfection.


A home is one of the biggest investment and can be never less valuable to an individual than the other individuals. No matter, whether you are poor or rich, everyone has something that is worth protecting. These equipment have the ability to capture any kind of criminal activities and even prevent them.  Aso, you can acquire a security care at a very reasonable rate. So, don’t hesitate, and get a high-quality CCTV system installed by us in your home today. We at Preemo are well known to offer the best CCTV and surveillance solutions with high quality and best prices.


This is absolutely false. The fact is that people will ever come to know the importance of these systems until the evidence of a criminal activity or robbery at their place will be captured into it. According to the latest tech data, the CCTV’s and other security systems have greatly helped reduce the crime rates to a high degree. Well, this is one of the best reasons to install the CCTV system in your home or workplace.

So, instead of going with the flow of misformation, it’s better to do a bit of research and understand the great importance of security systems in your life.