With the rise in technology trends such as mobility, cloud and social media, a new dimension has been added to the business operations. This brings forward the challenge of how you must operate your business. Today, be it your hospitality business, retail business or any other business, connectivity is a crucial factor. And connecting your growing employees and customers is not an easy task.

By outsourcing your business connectivity need, to a professional technology partner, you can get fast, secure and easily accessible wireless connectivity. Regardless of the complexity and size of your business, by hiring the fully managed WiFi solutions of Preemo, you get the complete value of your WiFi services. In turn, by offering your customers fast connectivity, your business stays competitive and a preferable choice. Let’s take a look at the benefits of a fully managed WiFi solution for your business:

1. Ease of Use

The key feature of a fully managed WiFi solution is the hassle free installation and management.  It doesn’t matter if you have an in house IT staff or not, you don’t have to deal with the stress of maintenance, network design and of course downtime. This means your staff resources are free without any expensive upfront costs.

2. Scalability

With the change in your customer usage or employee workload, it allows you to scale your network. Preemo’s managed WiFi services will also provide an insight into your network so that you can understand your clients and traffic better. Furthermore, you can evaluate the requirements of your systems as per the changes in your business.

3. Advanced Technology

One of the largest networks in Miami, we provide a wide range of data, hosted IT services, voice and security. Also, with the constant evolution in wireless technology, there is a pressure on businesses to upgrade their networks. However, upgrading is expensive. And service providers are better equipped and positioned to be up to date with the best practices of the industry.

4. Enhanced User Experience

All the users, customers, employees and even guests are provided with the reliable connectivity. With the change in work culture, WIFi allows employees to work while moving around the office leading to better teamwork and improved productivity. Apart from flexibility for employees, you can offer free WiFi access to your customers, keeping your business competitive and customers to coming back.

5. Security

When you make your network accessible to multiple devices and users, security gaps are formed if it is not managed properly. Premo, as a solution will control who has access to your network, track those devices and users along with monitoring and preventing any intrusions.

You won’t even have to invest in additional IT staff that means your existing staff can concentrate on core activities. Also, you get a much relief from the downtime cost that costs you some good dollars and reputation. So, always work with a trusted service provider. To get the unmatched reliability, flexibility, scalability of Preemo’s fully managed WiFi solution, get in touch with us today!