Thec Service Management has been changed over the last few years that have resulted from automation, globalization and digitalization of businesses. In order to keep these changes ongoing for a longer period of time,  businesses have realized the importance of two key factors – agility and adaptability.   The advancement in technology works not only for current situation of the world but it works for the future as well.  

As the departments of  IT Service Management are under pressure to give their best shot in the success of the organization and also to meet the expectations to align their services with large business goals, the trends into the industry have also been changed along side.  

More and more companies are turning service based and enjoy good Service Management which allows them deliver services and products faster and provide a better user experience.

Here is a list of few latest emerging IT Service Management Trends.

  • Digital Transformation

It is very clear that businesses have already adopted full Digital Transformation.

  • Speed nowadays,  is more than any other important factor in any business project.
  • Technologies with focus on users and their experience will only succeed.
  • For best  business practices, the relationship between Agile methodologies and ITIL has been confirmed.
  • The new concept of Enterprise Service Management or  service based management is exploring, which exports IT service management to other important areas of the business.

This full digital transformation has led to change the IT landscape effectively and very quickly. Everyone agrees with the fact that businesses with clear digital transformation will lead in the market place.

  • Mobility

Mobility is also an emerging trend in IT service Management. Mobility can be a part of every person’s life, using all kinds of applications in multiple areas of their activities such as:

  • Relationship ( social media networking)
  • Planning ( notes, calendar)
  • Communication ( texting, mail)
  • Purchase ( there are many offers to buy)
  • Transportation ( cabs, maps)
  • Relaxation (games and music )

There are many other countless  factors that can make IT service Management depend on mobile.

  • End User Experience

The user experience (UX) is not a new trend in the IT Industry, but it  is still one of the most raised trend when IT department make a technological solution work and ensure the overall progress of digital transformation in the business.  Some of the IT departments use customer satisfaction models and automated performance tools to measure the end user experience in detail.

  • Cloud Services

Cloud services will continue to be best of the main trends in IT service Management. IT Companies are aware that their goal is not only to manage technology but also is to use these technologies for their business benefits. Cloud services allows business to focus on its important processes rather than spending time on other lower added value activities.


To Summit Up, These new trends will continue to transform and reshape IT Service Management.  Do you want to boosts your IT Service Management? Get in touch with us !