Expert Tips To Troubleshoot Your Wifi Connection

//Expert Tips To Troubleshoot Your Wifi Connection

Expert Tips To Troubleshoot Your Wifi Connection

With the rapid growth of modern home devices, streaming video platforms, online gaming platforms, and other online activities, maintaining a good in home wifi connection is more important than ever.  A strong wifi connectivity is one of the best marvels for us in this modern life. But, it can a little frustrating at times, in case you are plagued by constant dropping, bad receptions, slow speeds and other wifi problems. Few things are more frustrating, especially when you lost wifi connection in the middle of an important work.

Are you sick of constant wifi connection drops?  Do you have to restrict your work to some parts of your home because you don’t have decent wifi coverage or speed?

Don’t panic! Just fix it! There are many reasons your wifi can stop working, but the good news is that all such wifi issues can be easily fixed. Here are some things that can go wrong with your wifi connection, and our expert’s tips can help you solve these issues.


Well, it’s quite common for laptops, computers or other devices to have a switch on the keyboard that can deactivate the wifi connectivity by turning it off. Sometimes, it happens unintentionally as the keys are easy to press without knowing it. Be careful with touch screens devices like smartphones or tablets that have a wifi toggle, in their panel screens.


If your wifi connection is already turned on, and you are still unable to connect it to your network, then reboot the router and other devices you want to connect. By doing this, you get assured that no software bugs are preventing you to get connected. And, you should unplug the router from the power connect and leave it unplugged for at least 10 to 20 seconds.


If you are having constant issues connecting wifi in specific areas of your home, it’s possible that you must be outside of the connectivity range.  Reposition the router or move closer to it after rebooting the router. Positioning the router somewhere in the middle spot is a wise idea.


How old is the router? If it’s more than 5 to 6 years old, it’s the best time to upgrade it.  The constant developing router technology has come up with smarter and newer models that assure to offer signal reliability, better range, and other software tools. Your router should have the latest firmware installed to perform better with full potential, consider replacing it.


If you feel that you are inexperienced or untrained to take a stab solving your wifi issues, maybe a reputed and well established IT SUPPORT PROVIDER COMPANY like PREEMO is right choice for you.

For more tips to solve wifi issues, get in touch with our experts at Preemo!

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