Cloud computing is a paradigm of information technology (IT) that allows pervasive access to shared documents and applications of configurable system resources through the internet. It helps in managing the higher level services with minimal management effort. Also, cloud computing depends on sharing of resources to keep the consistency of work-flow.

  • From where the cloud computing was born?

The emergence of the idea of cloud computing is approximately 50 years older and was based on the transportation of “mainframe machines”. Mainframe machines are basically computers in big sizes and were used for huge data processing and application storage. Many storages are included in this process such as consumer statistics, resource planning and census.  It was first used in a concept known as time sharing where many large corporations were using these mainframe machines and used to share its computing resources by fixing some amount on return. Many corporations made use of one mainframe machine from different locations hence, the concept of cloud computing was derived.

  • How does it work?

Cloud Computing is a large IT infrastructure network which connects multiple numbers of systems, to provide conservative data storage and data control. The cloud computing maintains and controls information stored on physical servers. The stored information is accessible in the cloud via the internet.

  • Benefits Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing works as third-party diligence that offers computer infrastructure and maintenance, so that the business can fully focus on their perspective goals. It also allows the company to minimize the cost beforehand. Many business owners also believe that it enables the application to run faster and requires less maintenance. It also enables IT team to constantly adjust the resources in order to match the unpredictability in business demand.

  • Types of cloud computing

There are four types of cloud computing:

Public cloud

Public cloud is accessible to the public that is hosted by a service provider or who maintains the cloud infrastructure. According to most users, it is one of the cost-effective cloud computing.

Private cloud

Private cloud is basically owned by an organization and accessibility to the cloud is limited to the organization. It is more secure than the public cloud and is driven by an internal IT team.

Community cloud

The community cloud is a common setup that includes multiple organization and the accessibility and maintenance are only restricted to the members.

Hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud is the amalgamation of public, private and community cloud. These three clouds are bound together regardless, remaining in their own entities. It provides colocation and managed services with cloud resources.

Cloud computing has become popular amongst various organizations, in order to safeguard their resources and achieve the perspective goal.

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