There is a lot of question that needs to be asked before agreeing to hire IT support, expecting them to be on the same page as you. Life does not work out that way. Below you will find three questions that should be asked. That way the interview process will go much smoother, and you will hire the right person for the job.

1. Do You Get Along With Others?

Some people get angry when an IT issue comes up in the office, to the point where they walk away.

Say a computer has a meltdown. Some people have been known to walk away in anger. The person has to be able to work well with others, dealing with every possible temperament there is.

Some people like to go “rogue.” The phrase “I can do this alone” comes to mind. Some people are better when no one is around bugging them about the problem. Not everyone is like that though. There are some people who want the IT person to walk them through the issues, explaining what they are doing to resolve them.

You need a Doctors IT support person who has worked with most types of people. That way they know how to respond to every type of temperament.

2. Busy Time Versus Play Time

What is the IT person going to do once their work is completed? Do you have something else for them to do? Will they be left to their own devices?

Would you like to assign other tasks? Are you going to get a response like “this is beneath me” from the person?

Some IT people are comfortable with being lazy after their work is finished while you may take a different approach. You need to have that conversation with the person before you move forward.

Some bosses do not like the idea of their staff sitting around doing nothing when their other work is completed.

“You have time to clean if you have time to lean.”
“I am not paying you to do nothing when you are on the clock.”

The goal is for the staff to be busy during work hours. Not laying around watching movies or playing video games.

3. Do They Have A Protocol For Tech Requests?

Some places have a special process for filling out requests, and others do not. Find out what their protocols are for filing a request if they have any before you hire them.

Your company might have a more lenient way of handling doctors IT support requests, but the guy you think about hiring might be a little more restrictive. Talk to the person about how they handle it. Talk to them about whether or not they make exceptions every so often. Their answers will give you an idea of whether or not the person is the right fit.