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Desktop PC Start-Up Issues Miami

Screen-shot-2012-01-08-at-2.14.07-PM Does your computer refuse to boot up? Are you reading this on your phone or your office computer because your desktop is stuck on a screen flashing useless error messages? Or does it freeze at a specific point in the start-up process, refusing to let you through no matter how many times you power down and try again? Don’t worry – it isn’t necessarily time to toss your desktop tower out the window.

Here at Preemo, we understand how infuriating start-up issues can be. You can’t even get on the computer to search Google to see what the problem could potentially be. Fortunately for you, we have top of the line diagnostic tools that can detect the problem as well as expert technicians that have been dueling with Gates and Allen’s behemoth since you had to go through the C drive in MS Dos to start up Windows.(


We can get passed any start-up roadblock that may, to the un-Preemo eye, seem impregnable. With our bag of our tricks, tools, and technological elbow grease we can get you back online, plugged in and using your computer in a flash. ([2])

So, leave those frustrating mornings with your fingers crossed, hoping the screen makes it through to Windows in the past.([3]) Bring your computer in to our offices in South Miami today and let us get your desktop starting up right, the first time.

[1] Back in the day, Windows didn’t boot up automatically and you had to start it like how you have to start a regular program like Microsoft Word now save for the fact that you had to use memorized commands to find anything.

[2] Length of the flash may vary. If it is a worse case scenario, we will need to back up everything on your computer and reinstall Windows, which can take some time. But that’s a worse case scenario, most of the time the solution is much easier to find.

[3] Unless you enjoy the battle of the wits to see how long it takes before you can use your computer. If that’s the case, we’re not too sure we can be of help except to wish you luck.