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Desktop PC Optimization & Tune-Up Miami

Screen-shot-2012-01-08-at-3.58.31-PM The Industrial Revolution proved to be a windfall for humanity; the machines that sprang into our daily lives since then changed society forever. That being said, each and every one of those machines is prone to breaking down. From power looms to cars, submarines to computers it is a universal truth that anything mechanical will need to undergo repairs.

That’s where Preemo comes in.

Just as taking your car to the shop a couple of times a year for a tune up can add years to its life, bringing your computer in to our Preemo specialists every few months can extend the lifetime of your desktop computer well beyond what its manufacturers tell you.(


Boost your computer’s performance and increase its longevity by bringing it in to Preemo today. We will preform any necessary operating system updates, clear out excessive temporary files, optimize the registry, preform a basic virus scan and clean out any excess programs (we call it bloatware) that may be clogging your computer’s memory. We will ensure your system is secure from viruses and hackers as well as remove the ever-present computer killer – dust.([2])

Bring your desktop tower in to our offices in South Miami today, or, if you would prefer, we can bring our offices directly to you. We offer In-Home Support that allows you to sit back and relax as we work our magic at your convenience.

Why wait? Optimize your computer today.

Services offered through optimization are:

    • Optimizing start-up and registry
    • Running all necessary Windows Updates
    • Updating drives as needed
    • Preforming basic virus scans to monitor potential intrusions
    • Removing of temporary internet and operating system files
    • Cleaning inside of computer with compressed air

[1] A few tweaks every few months can greatly increase your computer’s ability to function at a higher rate and a faster speed. Cleaning up the disk, deleting the accrued cookies and any unused programs, and a myriad of other tasks can keep your desktop computer running like it did when you first unpacked and booted it up.

[2] And we won’t try to get you to replace parts that work just fine. This is where our patent-pending one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee comes into play. If your computer has a component or two that may need replacing, we’ll give you the benefits and drawbacks as to why you might want to replace it. Honestly, we don’t understand how those seedy car mechanics stay in business.