Debunking Top 4 Myths About VoIP Service Providers

VoIP is relatively a new technology and VoIP service providers are among one of the most talked about topic in the communication market today. Undoubtedly, we have seen a great positive change when it comes about the communication world.  VoIP has been growing fast in the market over recent decades. But there are still some businesses that still have some misconceptions about this technology. Although VoIP technology has proved over time to be quite effective with clear advantages in the business communication system. While it’s all right to have some misconceptions, but these myths need to be thoroughly clarified.


VoIP technology had made it quite easier for many business owners to their business locations and the team without expanding too much. Several hosted VoIP service providers provide various service options that fulfill all the business needs. Gone are those days when business owners need to compromise on their budget just to add an additional service line. VoIP technology is available with an amazing offer that prices a cost-effective telephone system. At present, there are millions of business owners that are running to VoIP services.


This is false! A hosted VoIP solution is for all type of businesses, including larger corporations and just one-man bands. A business with 15 to 100 employees and other offices will surely benefit from a VoIP solution. A lot of larger businesses can save up to approx 50% of their annual cost with VoIP. If you are operating with a limited budget, go for VoIP service providers that can provide you services such as ring groups, call forwarding etc.


The voice quality of VoIP is great if you get genuine telecoms service provider. The VoIP technology is has come a long way and is getting better day by day.  Brilliant sound quality and clarity are possible and provided by a latest VoIP system. A true service provider has their own network, and you will definitely get good voice quality. Also, the high speed of good internet connection will improve the call clarity and quality.


The infrastructure of VoIP is going to be hosted by the service provider, that simply means there is nothing challenging that has to be installed at your office. Some VoIP service providers also offer a remote system with the hardware for easier installation. If you can easily plug in a phone, you can easily set up a VoIP solution.

The above-given misconceptions and others may keep some business owners concerned about switching to VoIP systems, however many businesses will move to VoIP as they learn the truth behind this amazing technology. For more information, or if you are ready to make a switch, get in touch with Preemo.