There are a lot of misconceptions about cloud and data backup. Moreover, you may not be aware of the implications that can result from uploading files on the cloud. Such individuals claim to know everything that there is to know about the cloud and hence end up making some serious mistakes. Therefore, it becomes equally important for you to beware of these myths and not fall into their trap. To learn about some common myths going on about Cloud backup, read on.

Cloud Backup and Storage are the Same Thing

The two aspects are entirely different from one another. When you refer to backup, the original data will be on a hard drive or a DVD and an exact copy of it will be stored somewhere else. Essentially, it is an exact copy of your file which can be restored at any time. However, you will have to remain cautious of the fact that by deleting the original you will delete the copy as well. This is exactly how Cloud backup services function.

The primary difference between the two lies within the usage of the data. A provider may delete the file after a certain period. But at the same time there are providers that will keep your files forever without needing a local copy of it on your machine. This in turn is referred to as cloud backup.

Cloud Backup Takes Longer Than Traditional Storage

The myth is true to a certain extent but there are various other factors that can affect the overall speed of the service. Primarily, the cloud back is entirely dependent on the internet speed. For those individuals using dial-up modem connections it can prove to be an unnecessary hassle. But luckily, broadband internet connections are becoming mainstream and common due to their immense speeds. It can take a bit longer but the best part about it is that this is taken care of in the background with affecting your work.

It Is an Expensive Solution

In its initial stages the cloud backup was quite expensive. With time the solution has become quite popular. Moreover the number of businesses providing such services has grown as well. Due to this competitive environment, businesses are forced to get an edge over their competitors by adopting strategies like offering additional features and charging lower prices for their services.

With that being said, if you do consider taking responsibility of backing up your own information you will have to make a large investment for new hardware and staff to maintain these mainframes. But on the other hand, service providers like Evault are able to provide these facilities and much more while paying a small fee on a monthly basis.

Now that you aware of the common myths that can cause a concern for any business, this usually causes them to reconsider opting for cloud backup services. The benefits are endless and you will get value for your money without having to worry about security concerns.