Dealing with a ransomware or an online attack is a major issue for the entire business affecting every team within the company. It’s also an operational and people issue,  rather than just being a technical problem. Have you heard the very famous saying “prevention is better than cure”? But, what if the prevention was not good enough to take care of your organization’s data and information.

When a data breach is discovered, it’s imperative to act both quickly and comprehensively, otherwise, it may expose your organization to a greater liability.

When it comes to cybersecurity of your business, prevention is always important and better than cure. But, what’s more, important is that you and your business team should know and understand what exactly needs to be done after an online attack or ransomware.

In this blog, you will learn about the three important things that need to be done immediately following a cyber attack.


While it may be easier said than actually done, it’s wise to stay calm and avoid panicking after enduring a cyber attack.  A ransomware or cyber attack, no doubt can be classified as a disastrous event. But by staying calm in such a scenario, you will be able to act smart and take the right steps and respond to the situation in an organized way.


This one is likely to be the most difficult step, but it’s all about being proactive. After the event of a cyber attack, you and your team need to contact all the clients that are impacted in the disaster and narrate them the whole scene.  Ask them to change their PIN numbers and passwords in case their private information was hampered. Remember that a reactive approach, when you confirm a security breach or an online attack after they realize their data and information has been comprised or stolen by the hackers can damage your reputation. Your clients and customers may have many questions that they want to ask you. So, be prepared in order to handle the situation wisely.


Before you put your systems and services back online after enduring a ransomware and cyber attack, it’s important to make sure that you review all your business procedures and safeguard everything you have in your organization. You can take experts’ help in order to insect your systems and guide you on how they can be improved.

Today, the average business organizations are becoming an easy target for cyber attacks. Whether you have recently been hit or just want to prevent cyber attacks in the future, our highly trained experts at Preemo can help. We specialize in Network Support & Security for businesses in Miami.

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