Common EHR Mistakes

Many times, Implementing a new EHR Programme can be difficult. Although making these EHR mistakes may cost you a lot, and your clinic might suffer many losses. It is vital to ensure that you avoid these mistakes as much as you can. Having a good plan and the necessary doctors IT support for your clinic will help minimize these mistakes. The most common EHR mistakes include;

• Not adhering to your practice goals

The reason why you look for the vendors of the EHR system is to help you achieve your clinic goals. So if you look into the wrong future your most likely not able to accomplish your set goals. Try and compare your plan with the vendor questions who will be able to help you select the right software for your clinic

• Not involving the person managing the clinic in the implementation process

You should ensure that the person who is in charge of the business is actively engaged in the implementation process. Avoid leaving everything to your vendor as he or she may cost you a costly delay. Remember to ask the critical questions to your vendor. Ensure that the one selecting the software and the implementation are the right choices.

• Choosing the wrong vendor

The vendor you select must be in constant communication with you. Ensure that you select a vendor that will communicate to you effectively throughout the process. Tell him or her to select the best software for you. Ask the most important questions. Let the vendor take you through the right implementation process in the right way. The wrong vendor will guide you through the wrong process.

• Not involving your staff in the training of the new software

Some of your employees may hate the new software. It is essential to ensure that they are well trained. Help them to adjust to the new software and the changes that are taking place in your clinic. Teach them the importance of the new software too. If you fail to involve them, they might be reluctant to use it.

• Choosing a system that does not support mobile access

If your initial plan was to use mobile devices ensure that you choose a system that supports mobile access. Some systems might not support mobile access. Make sure that you get privacy and security features that you require.

• Temptations to take shortcuts

For instance, in the implementation process something goes wrong, you despair and forget the roadmap that your vendor gave you. You are very tempted to take shortcuts which will make your clinic fail miserably. The alternative won’t even work so you will be forced to go back to your vendor and ask more questions. Ensure that you ask questions to avoid getting lost and confused. Take the right roadmap and navigate accordingly. Follow the instructions that your vendor gives.

Mistakes begin to occur if you ask the wrong questions and start the implementation process wrongly. So ensure that you have the necessary doctors IT support before the implementation process from your vendor.