In this digital world, cloud computing has increasingly become a major buzz word for IT marketers. Businesses these days are embracing this technology for their applications and data. This technology is growing at the fast pace and new innovative services are emerging every day. Whether you own a large or small business, cyber criminals will find you in any possible way in order to penetrate the business network and steal your valuable data and information.  That’s why it’s critical to understand the cyber security threats to the cloud technology.

Partnering with a reliable and reputable IT provider can help your company to prevent becoming a victim of security threats and enable your organization to defend against such online attacks.

Nevertheless, it’s important to be aware of the top four biggest cyber security threats in cloud computing.


A cyber attack or an unpredictable disaster can cause the unprotected critical data and information of your business to be lost permanently. One of the best ways to prevent this dreadful scenario is by using a reliable IT provider that can provide frequent backups of the important data. These backups are usually stored on a cloud server (offsite)  that makes it easy to access to restore the lost data without suffering the downtime.


Undoubtedly, a business stores the vast amount of information and critical data in the cloud storage, and it becomes a target for the cyber criminals and hackers.   If regulated and sensitive data is stored in the cloud and a breach occurs, the enterprise has to disclose the breach and inform the potential victims about the beach. If the security breaches involve sensitive data such a revenue details, healthcare data, and financial data, it can be more devastating. In this case, the situation can lead a company to face the lawsuit, incur fines or other criminal charges.


In 2018, Meltdown and spectre are the new addition to the big list security threats in cloud computing. The spectre and meltdown speculative execution vulnerabilities affects or attacks the CPU’s that are being used by the cloud services. It’s quite impossible to patch spectre.


Advanced persistent threats are the most practical form of cyber attacks that are quite difficult to detect. An organization must monitor the expense involved to overcome these attacks. An improper planning could also lead to a threat to a business’s security.


The wide use of managed IT services can allow your business to experience an ideal cyber security protection from a number of security threats to a cloud.

We at Preemo help your business to reach its potential through our cloud-based security solutions and we make sure that your data and information remains secure and safe. For more information related to cloud computing, get in touch with us!