As IT budgets flat line and CIO’s feel the pinch to “keep it low” on maintenance – support mode, it’s surprising that cloud technologies do find wiggle room to maneuver.

With little expenses to bear and cloud providers more than eager to work out your back end problems, how is the cloud shaping the legal industry?

Lets face it.

The cloud is here to stay.

They pack a lot of firepower at minimum cost and negligible hassles with a huge boost to your firm’s data management capabilities. The legal industry being no different from the others, needs to seize its advantages of powerful technologies and enhancing their end user experience.

Alongside its constant innovation, cloud technologies provide solutions to improve communication, enhance collaboration and reduce excess IT expenditures while harping upon scalability and customizable security protocols.

That said, how does the Cloud help run your law firm?

Here are three simple reasons why cloud technologies are the next big thing for the Legal industry:

1- Customizable Security access and strict data access

It’s reasonably fair to believe that storing your data “in the sky” is a bad idea.
But that’s certainly not the case, nor the truth.

Cloud computing takes your legal documents, financial records, transcripts and other information and tucks it away to an offshore server (we call it “remote server”. And no, it’s not on a rig) built with a customizable architecture of secure protocols.

The next myth to break is the ethics of storing legal data in a far away server. According to a study  conducted by the American Bar Association Journal, it’s not unethical for a legal practice to use cloud computing services to manage its data infrastructure.
Security access can be controlled by easy modifications of attributes, version control and permissions by the administrators.

Your data remains safe and easily accessible in the cloud.

2- Lots of space for your team to grow

With 24X7 access to data from anywhere in any device, your team can reduce administrative resources and rather focus on legal cases than pushing paper clips. They can share and edit documents on the go with all changes being constantly monitored by the administrators in charge of your cloud management solutions.

With  free time to boot, your productivity charts go through the roof.

3- Enhanced Search capabilities saves time

As a legal firm, you have to handle lots of documents.

Cloud services saves time by helping sift through your data to find the appropriate matter or documents you are looking for- as similar as search engines do.

Transporting documents have never been this easy as moving them to the cloud at the click of a button and sharing access to them with other individuals inside the ambit of a secure medium.

You can access your documents even on a smartphone!

Now that’s how far cloud technologies have advanced in helping improve our business capabilities.

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