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Ranked Top 3 IT Consulting & Cloud IT Companies in South Florida 3 Years In A Row

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What Are Cloud IT Solutions?

There’s no doubt you’ve heard of the cloud – but are you leveraging it’s power in your business? The cloud is nothing more then data, software, and services that are accessible through the internet, rather then on a physical computer or server. Think of your Gmail or Yahoo Mail account – that’s a cloud service. Similarly Dropbox, iCloud, and Google Drive are also cloud based services.

As a growing business, you require flexibility for growth at a reasonable price. The cloud gives you exactly that: the freedom to work anywhere you’d like without limitation. There’s no need to purchase costly servers – your data is safe inside our secure data centers, and backed up on enterprise-grade equipment. And you can scale as you grow – never pay for storage or speed you don’t need, just make adjustment as your business requires.

How Does It Work?

We’re carefully plan your migration to our cloud environment, to minimally affect your business operations. This includes a thorough network analysis, to ensure you have the proper connectivity to support a cloud environment. Once we’re done, you’ll be able to access your new cloud server on any type of machine, whether it’s a desktop, laptop, Mac or PC, tablet, even from your mobile phone. Our team will then provide 24 hour support to your entire team, and ensure you’re always up and running.

What Can I Expect?

  • Access Anywhere – Work on any device with an internet connection, no limitations
  • Rock-Solid Security – Enterprise-grade security, encryption, and real-time monitoring
  • No More Servers – Eliminate costly expenses that never seem to end with in-house servers
  • Be More Productive – Don’t be stopped by power outages, or other failure. Work anywhere, anytime.
  • Cost Effective – No upfront capital expense, predictable monthly fee, and all-inclusive packages.

Ready To Move To The Cloud?

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170+ Clients Trust Preemo For Cloud IT In Miami

Our specialty firm has employees throughout Florida, and we needed an effective, cloud-based solution. Preemo worked tirelessly to meet our ever need, which included daily backups, access to all our tax and accounting software, and easy access to our files online. They’ve been our IT Support company since we started our business, and it’s great to know they can support us as we grow exponentially.
Monica Ospina, Forensic Accountants & Consultants
Our firm grew quickly in 2013, and our in-house IT guy couldn’t keep up. We decided to outsource our IT Support to Preemo, and have reduced our annual IT budget by nearly $20,000. Now we have over 40 employees, and we count on Preemo for daily support, as well as management of our servers and network. They’re the best!
Raoul Thomas, CGI Merchant Group
Finding a trustworthy IT Company in South Florida is about as hard as finding a reliable contractor. We were referred to Preemo by one of our vendors, and they’ve since become our trusted partner. With their help, we eliminated our in-house email server, and reduced our downtime to zero in the past year. I’m very pleased with their services, and would be happy to recommend them to friends and colleagues.
Aaron Anderson, Anderson Brothers
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