In recent times, many big and small companies have been shifting to cloud-based computing in a quest to ease their daily business life and make their company run more efficiently.

The modern internet world is driven by e-commerce. As e-commerce continues to grow, the internet grows larger thus leading to an increase in cloud computing. Inter-alia, cloud computing, goes hand in gloves with the internet.

In size and numbers, internet marketing is growing pretty fast. There is a degree at which cloud computing responds to the growth- it increases twice if not more the growth in internet marketing.

Experts that have made predictions about how cloud computing will be in the future can agree that while the internet will grow at an arithmetical rate(1,2,3,4), cloud computing will grow at a geometrical rate(1,2,4,8).

The one billion dollar question is, why is every business shifting to cloud-based computing.
Before dropping the big storyline, in case you are wondering what computing based on the cloud is; it is a kind of computing in which apps are installed on cloud server- a computer located on the internet from which the apps can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Below are the main reasons as to why every business are shifting to the cloud.

  1. Cost Minimization- All great businesses are governed by a set of criteria and rules. The best of this is the cost-benefit principle stating that an action should be taken if and only the extra benefit of the action is at least equal to the extra cost of the action. For the most part, setting up a local server to run a business negates that principle. So much water is made to go under the bridge, which ends up  staking too many resources that are running a private data center. It whittles down to one thing- the economic significance of availing cloud services is a reduction in cost.
  2. 24/7 Availability is Guaranteed- To build online credibility for a business requires that the business is available online 24/7. Running a private data center, however, does not guarantee that. In the event that a company is not able to stage enough, the business will turn into a fiasco! Cloud computing service providers input enough resources into their services, which  guarantees 24/7 availability of business online.
  3. Ease Of Expansion- From  small businesses to enterprises, as the company grows, it becomes imperative to adjust resources to cope to with the growth. Cloud computing service providers have platforms to cater to this need. For instance, if you’re running a website on a shared hosting with 10GB storage and 1GB RAM and the company grows to a point where website traffic is very high, you’d easily be able to subscribe to a higher package and ask your service providers to increase the resources to meet the demand.

With all this said and done, it is easy to see why businesses are moving to cloud computing. Cloud computing- you can’t beat the reach.