[dropcap2]L[/dropcap2] ast Friday, Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce held their 26th Annual Career Shadowing Day. For one day, 25 high-school students got the opportunity to shadow a professional and learn about business, specific industries and what happens after college–you know, an answer not all of us knew until after we were handed our diplomas.

I eagerly signed on to participate in this great program. I wanted to show a student what can be accomplished with a little drive and dedication towards doing what you love.

Meet My Student

Eduardo Hernandez is a senior at Miami Beach Senior High. He is part of the IB program and will be a card-toting member of the 2012 University of Florida freshman class. He’s aiming to study either computer science or engineering. Within minutes I knew Eduardo was going on to do great things–drive and dedication was not something he needed to see; he lived it.

Our Big Day

Unlike some professions, Fridays aren’t slow days for us at Preemo. No one can really prepare for a computer malfunction, a virus contraction or a downed internet connection. As it is, it just so happened that after Eduardo got the “Official Preemo Tour,” where he got to visit our offices,  meet the team and take a sneak peek at the new store, we got a call from a client who was unable to connect to their internet. As Fridays aren’t a slow day for insurance companies either, we headed over to tend to the problem quickly. After diagnosing and resolving the issue–we  headed back to the headquarters for lunch where we talked about the day and Eduardo’s future goals.

What’s Up Next For Eduardo

Eduardo is ready to take Gainesville by storm, while keeping focused on what will come after his next big graduation day. Computer science and engineering interest him the most. He’s got a great sense for the current market status and more importantly, where it will be heading in the coming years. We think an internship this summer at a top firm in Miami is the way to go.

How about it, Sapient? Got space for a great new high school graduate?