Technology is the beating heart of of the 21st century, and its veins fuel businesses all over the world. You trust your doctor to keep you healthy, be it through a routine checkup or addressing an acute concern; your IT support staff should do the same for the infrastructure of your company. Like finding that perfect doctor, you need an IT provider who can handle your company needs and security, from the standard checkup and preventive maintenance to critical errors and untimely emergencies. 

The myths surrounding the security and upkeep for business-oriented computer systems can make it tricky to figure out what to do — or if you should even find managed IT support at all. We’ve broken down the four biggest misconceptions so you can make the best decision for your company.

Myth #1: Small Businesses Don’t Need Support

For whatever reason, people believe this. In fact, a staggering 27% of small businesses have no IT support whatsoever. But no matter how small you think your company is in relation to others, a steady IT presence is not only a necessity, but should also be thought of as a requirement: a security issue or lengthy downtime is the last thing any business needs.

An AT&T Small Business Technology poll found that 66% of small businesses can’t work effectively without wireless.

Constant monitoring and maintenance from an expert team guarantees your business maintains economic functionality.

Myth #2: Dedicated Staff is Enough to Maintain Your Infrastructure

This might be true for larger companies with the funds to keep staff on hand to respond to immediate issues, but smaller businesses don’t always find this economical. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a company in 2018 who doesn’t rely on the internet, use smart devices, or tap into cloud-based storage solutions — therefore needing IT support to keep it all running smoothly. But you’ll be surprised how easy (and affordable) it is to outsource an IT provider who is extremely knowledgeable, always available, and can accommodate any industry.

Myth #3: All IT Support Service Providers Are Alike

It’s not any different than meeting a group of like-minded people, only to discover the distinct differences between each individual. Some IT services aren’t available around the clock. Some might have habitually long response times. Others might offer various support packages to encompass all size businesses and budgets. Rather than pick one provider out of a hat and hope for the best, a little research will take you far in finding the best IT support solution for your company.

Preemo is the #1 Managed IT service provider in South Florida, serving over 180+ businesses with a 99.9% customer satisfaction rating.

Myth #4: “Technology is Great and Can Mostly Monitor Itself…”

Yes, we said that. It’s true that today’s technology offers a lot more stability than systems from 20 years back — or even the past decade. This myth, however, triggers a complacency that can wind up costing your company a pretty penny by way of downtime. It’s better to budget for customized IT support so that it’s there when you need it.

There are services right here in Miami that can make all of this pretty simple. With “Worry-Free IT” service keeping your infrastructure headache-free, you’ll be able to focus on what matters: the growth of your business.