Whether your professional services firm bills by blocks of time or by flat fee, lost time equals lost revenue. So keeping all your infrastructure running at peak condition is essential to minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Find a Consistent IT Provider

When your clients have an emergency, you provide the best possible service in often unpredictable situations. Can you rely on your IT provider for the same consistency and responsiveness?

Whether caused by a natural disaster, cyber-security threat, power outage, or other unpredictable event, an IT emergency can leave you stranded. Knowing that you have the best possible team of experts supporting you at all times allows you to focus your energy where it belongs – on your core business and on your clients.

Keep Your Network Protected and Secured

Law firms, financial services firms, and other professional services firms handle important data including their clients’ valuable information which must be protected and handled carefully. We recommend three stages of data security protection:

  • Install and maintain a solid security infrastructure.
  • Maintain frequent and redundant backups that are regularly verified, and have a detailed recovery plan in place so you know how to restore everything in the case of data loss and how long that process will take.
  • Regularly update all aspects of your security plan to remain protected from ever-evolving threats.

Provide Remote Access

Providing remote access technology to staff is becoming a compulsory element of providing the level of professional services increasingly expected by clients. Allowing employees to maximize available time and convert that into billable hours not only creates a more flexible and adaptable work environment, but can also increase employee satisfaction and therefore productivity

Connect with Clients

Professionals must be able to communicate with clients and with each other whether they work at the office, at home or at a client site. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems untether the “office line” from a physical location, allowing a single phone number to reach you anywhere you need to be. Collaboration tools allow real-time interaction on documents among employees and between the firm and the client. Creating a client portal on your website centralizes and organizes client files while engaging the client in ongoing matters.

Centralize and Digitize with Paperless Document Systems
3Despite what seems like constant predictions from science fiction authors, futurists, and pundits, a completely paperless office is unlikely, and not necessarily entirely desirable. There is still a place for hard copies of important documents, among other advantages of paper files, “the original wireless technology”.

Nonetheless, the advantages of a digitized, centralized, searchable, duplicatable system that can be encrypted, backed up, segmented, and cross-referenced are clear. A dedicated team of experts at a leading Managed IT Services Provider can help you design a customized document management system for your business, as well as implement the other IT Practices introduced here, among many more. Schedule your complimentary IT assessment plus an audit of your existing systems today!