For a small business to thrive into day’s economy, they need technology for research, data storage or to keep track of their daily transaction. Hackers have continued to make more malicious programs that attack any system within the network that is not entirely secured. Most small businesses have suffered massive loss through hacking, but with the help of IT consultant firm they can avoid this malicious attack.

Improves small business Data security

Data security is a crucial aspect for every small business especially in today’s modern technology where hacking is a common activity. Every business wants to secure its data from malicious programs developed by hackers to attack vulnerable system within the network and destroy or damage the data. Systems which are prone to hacking affect not only the data but also business reputation.IT Preemo expert offer solution by providing a secure system free from piracy or virus attack and with a backup system for easy retrieval of data in case of damage or loss.

Provide more secure Network protocol

Network protocols are a set of rules and procedure that govern network communication in a system. An IT design network protocols for small business with a unique feature to serve the business to the fullest without any error. The business owner can monitor the user’s data, installation of new applications, password authentication, antivirus, anti-malware, and firewall. In addition to that small business IT solutions allows the owner to block pirated apps from being installed into the system and also denies employees from access to certain websites that pose a threat to the network.

Reduce downtime in the system

Downtime is when server or computer or other electronic devices are not available for services and this result to small business suffering a massive loss. Most businesses are unable to solve issues such as internet communication, email, and connectivity due to inadequate knowledge of technology. Small business IT solutions Preemo offer highly measurable approach with better software or hardware component, advanced secure backup, and better disaster recovery program. With the improved system, the business can make all transaction quickly without encountering any system failure.

Backup system and recovery services

The data is the most critical assets for the small business because any damage or loss may result in business close down. The backup system copies the vital data and stores it for easy retrieval in the future in case of damage or natural disaster. Small business IT solutions Preemo create a system where you can restore files, folder or the entire network servers. The system is also secure from any cybersecurity threat that may pose as a threat.


When it comes to business having IT consultant at your side is very important since they are expert when it comes to technology. They secure your network system from virus or hackers and also create a backup system for easy retrieval of data in case of damage. With the help of IT professional most small business can cope with the trending technology without encountering problems.